YOUR big 3

Ok, if you, for whatever reason (say…alien’s hotwired your brain) coud only get 3 games in the next calendar year, which three would it be? (you may want/like more, but you can ONLY PICK THREE). This is based on current projected release windows.

Final Fantasy XIII (Q2 2010)
CoD MF2 (11/10/09)
Mass Effect 2 (Q1 2010)

All three on 360 (unless I have a reason to get FF XIII on my PS3 by then over the 360 version, plus my PS3 has to get fixed/replaced by then)

ME2 10
Next Metal Gear. ?

Demon’s Souls - '09
The Agency - '09/'10
inFamous - '09

Damn, what about Vesperia PS3? Choices, choices…

Cod mf2
Starcraft 2
NHL 2010

[ol][li]Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (Q4 2009/Q1 2010)[/li]
[li]Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Q4 2009)[/li]
[li]Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Q2 2009/Q3 2009)[/li][/ol]
I really, really want to add Red Steel 2 and A Boy and His Blob to this list. Thankfully Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver don’t have US release dates yet, they’d be number one easily.

Starcraft 2
Diablo 3

  1. Assassin’s Creed 2
  2. Heavy Rain
  3. Umm…Something?

Cross Edge
Halo 3: ODST
Bioshock 2

[quote=“Kumiko”]1. Assassin’s Creed 2
2. Heavy Rain
3. Umm…Something?[/quote]

You forgot Alan Wake :Q

[SPOILER]Wait NVM it’s Fall 2012 [/SPOILER]

  1. Heavy Rain
  2. Nikopol
  3. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

Modern Warfare 2
Final Fantasy XIII

Modern Warfare 2
Heavy Rain
Bioshock 2

Modern Warfare 2
eh…TF2 Updates

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Alex is in that game! Yay! ^_^)
King of Fighters XII