You thought your life sucked...

These guys have to deal with REAL problems.



His live sucks? Do you bloody realize how awesome it would be if you could magically pull a 12 gauge shotgun out of your hip/back?

Well I do! Constantly acting like a robot would be a fair trade for that.

Yeah, but then you’d get shot by the police, or little timmy, or a cranky old lady.

Remember… in the real world, you only get 1 life. :smiley:

spooie you should just make that your sig. :stuck_out_tongue:

I posted in the other fourm… No one cared…

I don’t think anyone here cares about no one there caring :stuck_out_tongue:

But… who cares about X-Play anymore?

Nope, thats why we spend so much time in OT.

I did not even posted it in the X-Play forums…