You know what I miss...

As stupid as it sounds, I miss role playing.

Doing an ongoing, active story with a group of people was really run back in the day was really fun. It was like a TV show series you were apart of; watching the story progress and the characters develop as people began to interact with each other was such a unique feeling if you were doing it with a group of people who were actually good at telling a story.

It allowed you to be the character you always wanted to be right when you needed a little break from reality, which was nice at times.

I don’t know why I’m posting this because I don’t think anyone who posts on here was active back in the day when the forum had the Social Section. And yes, I do know that there’s a section on the forums now specifically for role playing but it’s not easy just getting one started with a bunch of people who don’t know and then trying to keep it under control when too many people started joining in; I miss the group I use to role play with since everyone was talented and most of the time, it was just our group.

I also don’t know why I even thought about it. I guess seeing on the locked threads going on now reminded me of the good ol’ days were threads like that were ok. So I guess I just had a nostalgia moment.

Must be Nostalgia Week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. I mean, I think the perfect example of that was the Dysfunctional Family thread. We all had a part. Today, I don’t think a thread like that would last two hours, if the boards haven’t changed since I last posted.

Yeah, it wouldn’t.

I use to host one on WZ but I couldn’t keep up with a member who then tried to take over my character…After someone else ruined my original character.

So I said screw it back then and I had tried on another site, but people on the other site aren’t as dark as I am. =\

That’s the problem I have with serious RPing on forums, there’s really no rules. Sure you can set rules but it’s hard for people to follow them.

To me, RPing on forums will forever be somewhat of a big in-joke with your friends.

That’s what it typically is.

I use to do quite a bit when I was younger; one of us even created a forum just for “the group” to use. I don’t think we ever finished anything we started.

Oh to be young and never finish anything…

Actually that’s me today… >.<

It’s the story of my life. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to RP a lot with Mj0Skyver on myspace in fact I just made a new account to re add some of the people I RPed with.

I don’t miss it.

Probably because I’ve never done it before. ._.

I got talked into LARPing one time by a friend.

Never again…