You are a warrior Steve!


:frowning: But you did excellent. EDIT: You haven’t beat the live record at E For All but still. You still went for it and that’s just fucking inspiring.

Yeah, I was kinda mad. But, my god, that’s still crazy good.

Did he reach kill screen or died?

I missed, but I heard it and just figured it out.


Steve Wiebe’s world record attempt at Donkey Kong at E3.

I hope he gets back on!

He has 2 more tries I belive

Yeah. If he wins here, that would be epic.

I mean, think about it… The Donkey Kong record set at E3? That’s the most epic combo I’ve ever heard of.


That’s a bitch.

It’s back. Almost 300,000.

can’t seem to embed it, it’s entrancing watching him.

Final was some 989k when he hit the kill screen on third attempt.

After that last level before the kill screen, I knew it was over and felt a bit let down that he didn’t reach the glitch. He did well and if he will still keep going, he will make it.

Poor Wiebe…