Xigbar here.

Hello to everyone here at Gforum. I am close friends with Xaldin and an ex member of the g4 forums. My alias(s) on the G4 forums were Gunfiend/Lucifer3200/Ltlulz. I quit the forums due to it becoming stale and I just lost interest it in. Xaldin told me about these forums and I figured I would give it a try and get back into the forum thing, Hey… it has to be better than G4 Forums right?


Yeah this place is better than X-Play’s forum already. Can’t really say the same with a few other G4 boards yet.

G4 Forums is a straight up gay hole.

We here at PGF believe in keeping true to the awesomeness that is forum posting.


Oh so Ltlulz was you? I was wondering if I should approve that account and decided against it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, welcome. We got pretty much the whole original Org here now. :stuck_out_tongue: Just need Burble. :smiley:

Yeah. That was me, Sorry about signing up twice. I just figured it would be better if I used Xigbar instead of my Gamertag, Unfortunately I decided that after I had already signed up :smiley:. Also. thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!

YAY new people…kind of lol. :slight_smile: Something is happening guys I did not expect this place to really take off like it is…

It’s really incredible. Much more than I could have hoped for. :slight_smile:


you’re not the xigbar i know :neutral_face:
welcome anyway though…i GUESS