Xbox Series X Gameplay May 7th



Looking forward to it.

So a bunch of cross gen games?

I’m assuming this is where they will announce the Mass Effect HD Trilogy.

Yo HR Gigers’s estate is about to sue the fuck out of these Scorn guys.

Yikes. This whole time I have been wondering why Sony isn’t being more upfront about next-gen, looks like they just wanted Microsoft to break the news first.

We aren’t getting some massive leap forward, you are getting 4K, better framerates, and some extra lighting effects. This is a quality of life improvement generation and frankly I’m not interested if they hit $500+

Scorn was originally an indie game. Easy Allies used to promote it and was sponsored by them years ago. Blows my mind it made the big stage lol They were surprised too, I watched Easy Allies reaction stream to it.

Here is some early gameplay.

But yeah, your comment is valid lol

Maybe because alot of them are cross gen? For a next gen reveal those didn’t look much different from current gen.

They shouldn’t have hyped it up as an Xbox Series X showcase if all they had was cross gen stuff. I was still expecting much better lighting and models on the stuff that was cross gen.

Well I have no idea but there were alot of Xbox Series X enhanced titles.
We will have to see if that Hellblade 2 footage actually represents gameplay.
Considering they said first time gameplay I assume the Hellblade 2 footage doesn’t represent that.
In fact alot of the stuff here clearly isn’t gameplay either.
The fact most companies are afraid to show gameplay is just crazy to me.

Well guess I should have reminded myself its an inside Xbox.

If this is how 3rd party and indies are starting out I expect the majority of games for the next few years to be only resolution bumps and 60fps. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, people have wanted 60fps for a long time.

But I feel like there will be a clear divide, you either get PS4/XB1 graphics at 4K 60fps or you get next gen games at 4K upscaled, advanced lighting, those detailed models like Hellblade 2 and a frame rate ~ 30fps.

It’s gonna be a weird generation…

I felt that way about this gen. Xbox 360 and PS3 could have been a longer Gen and PS4, XBONE could have been better. There was a Pro and One X upgrade too which is like ehhh to me anyway.

The lesson here is companies depsite it being next gen are still afraid of actually showing gameplay like actual gameplay and not cinematic stuff.

Opinion time

Bright Memory Infinite game is like this (Well apparently this guy stole a bunch of assets from other games. Wonder how that will go over now that its going to be a major product?)
Got to admit if that’s actually what the game will play like it is the best looking one.
Dirt 5 (Generic racing game)
Scorn (Its a creepy cinematic tells me nothing)
Chorus (This seems pretty cool)
Madden 21 (Yup that looks like Madden)
Vampire the Masquerade 2 (Vampire lady looks like this? maybe they changed the artstyle?)
Call of the Sea (Environments look cool. I have no idea what style this is though.)
The Ascent (I appreciate they bothered to show gameplay)
The Medium (Okay its a horror game doesn’t really tell us much)
Scarlet Nexus (The Psychic powers seem cool)
Second Extinction reclaim earth (I guess you are going to shoot alot of dinosaurs)
Yakuza like a dragon Xbox is getting a Yakuza game. You wouldn’t realize this is an RPG by the trailer.
Assassins Creed Valhalla (How did they call this a gameplay trailer? Oh it got changed to game-engine trailer lol.)

I think its clear Microsoft messed up with this event.

Hopefully they take the lesson to show gameplay for the event in July.

From the sounds of it, I’m kind of glad I didn’t watch it live. I was planning on watching it from my 4Ktv, but it seems like nothing was really shown.

Well they were all cinematic trailers for a “Next-Gen gameplay” reveal.
Basically all these games don’t tell you anything about them.
Madden for example had a short non-gameplay clip how exciting is that?

We will see about their July event.

Xbox has Yakuza 0, Kiwami and Kiwami 2 on game pass right now but I don’t think it is marketed too well lol They recently came to it.

Oh didn’t know that. Well Microsoft definitely has to get more Japanese games and for sure has to mention them more.

Well all I can say is companies need to stop being afraid of showing actual gameplay. I appreciate that the Descent showed me its a twin stick shooter the cinematic stuff doesn’t give that vibe at all.

Its also so wierd to hear journalists talk about next gen as “incremental”. That alone tells me Microsoft failed.

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Scorn looks good, though not from this presentation. I’ve seen some other stuff about it like last year and if you like H.R. Giger you should like it. It’s very strange and interesting.

I hope it doesn’t end up like that one game about being in Hell. I can’t even think of the name atm. But it flopped hard after initial artwork wow’d people.