Xbox Series X and Series S ✪

What a weird gen this will be.


We need to see this running games compared to Xbox Series X and PS5.

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Lol Xbox Series S already off to a great start.

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So the Series X is basically just a One X rebranded…

Which means skip the S. I appreciate Capcom was up front about this.

Kind of makes me wonder what limits games have because of the S. For as much as Microsoft has power with the X the games still have to run at some point on the S.

It also destroys Microsoft’s narrative that the Series X would just be 1080p instead of 4k.

For real though, the XSX version of DMC5 sounds like SEXSX :star_struck:

I was thinking about getting a Series S, but as time when on I’m leaning more towards Series X.

I don’t care which version of the PS5 I get. At this point, If I see one and have the money, I’m getting it.

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Its clear don’t get a series S.

I think if I’m getting another console its a Physical PS5.

I didn’t expect this… it’s a box with another box inside it. :open_mouth:

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And so continues the ongoing story called “me not giving a shit about the Xbox brand.”


If I had the money and the space, I would have be getting a PC instead of a Xbox Series X.

great…now ill NEVER get to play an XBox game. and ive tried

You mean on an Xbox or a Microsoft game?

Also yeah what’s the point of getting an Xbox. If its power a computer will be better.

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Oh no, how terrifying! And what a valiant effort to slay such mild discomfort.

so what’s this deal im seeing about the series S where i pay $25/mo/24months, but it comes with the game pass which advertises every game ive missed and free day 1 release games. it sounds good, but i dont think ive ever enjoyed a single xbox game.

The Left 4 Dead series was the last time I enjoyed a Xbox game. The Fable series was good until they ruined it after 2.

The secret is its the S.

For a long time Xbox has been Halo, Forza, Gears.

There are some pretty good Xbox games but they let those go gens ago. That’s why they are making a big deal about Fable because it was pretty good before.