Xbox 360 first current-gen console to trump PS2 monthly usership (Nielsen data)

Its amazing how long it takes before the next generation of consoles actually get here.

My friend is still playing his gamecube all the time, he’s not even concerned about the new consoles, one of the reasons I still refer to the Wii,PS3 and 360 as “Next gen”

I think this is because of Netflix which I am about to finally get because fuck cable.

Yeah, that would make sense. I don’t think people would use either the 360 or PS3 as often if they didn’t offer Netflix and Blu-Ray respectively.

Wow. What a win for the 360.

Wait…If the average percentage of “time played” is 22.25%…Then what the hell is the other 77.75% doing?! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think your thinking about it the wrong way. If that were the case Wii has to be almost 100% since its only a games machine.

[quote=“Gamer98”]Over the last six months, between January and June 2009, Xbox 360 has proven to be the console (current and last generation) with the greatest percentage of active users (between 11 and 12% during any given Nielsen-metered minute). Additionally, Nielsen’s data shows Xbox 360 as the first current generation console to beat out the PlayStation 2 in user hours since Nielsen began tracking the data in April 2007. Accounting for 22.25% of time played in May and June 2009, Xbox 360 is on an upward trajectory, with more time logged by Xbox 360 users than any other video game console.

Raped from Gaf.

Crazy if true.[/quote]

Thats percentages not actual number of users so duh a console with less sold is going to have a higher percentage. If you figure out the numbers Wii is played by almost the same amount its just owned by more people.

That’s cool bro. :up;:wink: