XBL Premium Themes

So, anyone get one yet? There’s a few new ones up right now, though they still have the same drawback, no way to preview them (not even screens). Hehe, on Major Nelson’s site he had a thread about these, and even he was urging them to get previews on these themes (though he said this last November…)

Oh, do I have one? Well, I just got the PD and 1 v 100 free ones, but I’m using one I bought right now…


Haha, intense music while browsing XBL themes.

They sure got some nice stuff up though.

I used the free Perfect Dark theme.

I was on the fence about paying for these themes, esp since they are pricey and offer no preview, but once I got the first Fable 2 theme, and previewed others, I’ve been better with it. If at least you could preview them (without an 15 minutes of online reseach) they would be more worthwhile.

I got the castle crashers theme from like 160 on black friday.

I want a cool theme :frowning:

I’m using a Bomberman theme pack that I bought. I love Bomberman and the XBLA game is really cool!

I used the “free” Ninja Blade theme.

I don’t know if anyone has used/seen the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme but it is freakin fantastic! :slight_smile:

We should play I LOVE Bomberman whats your tag?

I use the free Perfect Dark one…

…Because it’s free…

I would get the Assassin’s Creed 2 or Alan Wake one if they didn’t cost money.