Xaldin enter the fray!

Hi guys.

I actually already like this better than the other forum. I’ll be here to stay. I stopped posting on the other forums because I did miss how they used to be but now this has replaced the old times.

Also I will be getting a mic this week as well as skype. I have skype on psp but not sure how to work it. If anyone could help with that, that would be faaaaannnnnnnnnntastic.

Welcome! Thanks for the words of praise. :slight_smile:

Skype on PC is easy as pie to use. It’d be great to have you on the 'cast.

I have absolutely no idea who you are but than again I think I’m the only person here who wasn’t from the G4 forums.

Have you ever tried to find the male G spot? It’s hard to find, it’s deeper than you’d expect.

In fact I was talking to Kumi awhile ago asking about joining the cast. I’ve been through hell at school lately, my job, and other minor things and its starting to die down now b/c i’m graduating in 2 weeks. I think this is the break I needed.

Also I am getting a Mac and some animation programs so If I could help with anything like that, let me know.

Well done Andrex, well done.

I’m here too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a working mic with me though. Besides, unless any of you wanna know what a demon with a Scottish accent speaking in the background sounds like… I’ll probably forget about joining these podcasts. >_>

Hrm, we’ll talk later.

Thanks man.


You’re welcome Andrex. :wink;

Also, welcome back Xaldin. :slight_smile: