X-Men: Days of Future Past

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Gotta admit, Patrick Stewart looks pretty badass in that outfit

Nice to see he’s pulled the ol’ Stillsuit out of retirement and dusted it off.

Hail Muad’Dib.

Trailer description from Comic-Con:

[spoiler]Seriously, I hope this footage shows up online soon, because my description is not going to do it justice. There was a lot going on here. We see a closeup of an eye, and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) asks, “What’s the last thing you remember?” “I had a glimpse into the past,” someone responds. Professor X tells Wolverine, “You’re going to have to do for me what I once did for you.”

And this is a dark dystopian future, where the dark, fetishy costumes are looking more dirty and distress and messed up, and Professor X and Magneto seem weary and filled with dread.

We see flashes of all our favorite mutants, including Storm against a stormy sky, Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde, Omar Sy as Bishop, and some others that I couldn’t immediately identify. Plus Ian McKellen as Magneto.

We learn that Professor X and Magneto have come together “side by side, to end this war before it ever begins.”[/spoiler]

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Xavier’s voice, Wolverine, Storm, Bobby, Rogue, Kitty, a “glimpse from the past.” Bishop, Thunderbird, Blink looks straight out of the comic. “Side by side to end this war before it ever begins.” Wolverine will be sent back into his younger body by both Xavier AND Magneto. Xavier says "I was a very different man. Lead me, guid me, be patient with me. “Patience is my strongest suit,” he deadpans. Lots of Mystique shots, kicking some ass. Magneto vs. Mystique at one point! “We need you to hope again,” old Xavier says to young. Crazy applause.

I want that video NOW

I am just a bit worried that this movie will be too big for its britches and be a mess

Both The Dark Knight Rises and Avengers* already came out last year.

*Pending revelations in Agents of SHIELD.

TDKR was a HUGE hot mess but I enjoyed Avengers, in fact, it isn’t even comparable. I still need to see Iron Man 3 cause it is my understanding that it deals with some Avengers fallout.

Whedon showed the entire pilot to SHIELD at Comic Con and IGN gave it an 8.5 (again… IGN)

Avengers was good, but it DID have problems that are undeniable.

IronMan 3 was good. Not as good as the original, but leaps and bounds above the second one.

The only real “fallout” with the Avengers is that Tony has developed a post-tramatic stress syndrome from being on the other side of the black hole.… but we find that out pretty early in the film.

I would tell everyone to go watch the Days of Future Past episodes of X-Men TAS on Netflix, but the show is no longer on there, it seems.

Some stuff…



McAvoy is my new mancrush. HNNNNNNNG

They better not have pulled X-Men! I saw those ones though luckily.

Also just curious what sorts of problems did you see with Avengers? I honestly never really thought about it lol Never was a harsh critic on it really

Avengers was a great movie. The atmosphere of the movie isn’t really conducive to nitpicks in the same way TDKR is.

I’d have to rematch it to really remember, but I know there were 3 or 4 glaring issues I had with it.

One of them, though, was the Shield Heli-carrier, which, for absolutely no reason at all other than to set up the attack and action sequence of it potentially plummeting to earth an hour later, was made invisible and then brought straight up into the air. They mention some throwaway line about taking it somewhere, but they never bring it there. It just stays right in the air along the coast the entire time. What’s the point? They’re just risking an accident or having a plane crash into it head-on or something like that. They mention part of Shield’s “plan” is that if Banner flips out, they can catch him inside the glass jail and drop him 10,000 feet… but the thing is that they’d have to first get him into the thing (which obviously they could not do) and it would have to hold him, or prevent him from getting away or into the city (which itself made no sense, because he would have survived the fall anyway, as we know from him crashing into the ground in HUMAN form, no less, in The Incredible Hulk). The whole purpose of getting up into the sky was to show off the neat effects and create a suspense scene later on, but there was absolutely no plot advancement or purpose for the entire hour it was up there.

Another thing that also really annoyed me was the “All of the aliens suddenly die when the portal is closed” thing. Does that make any sense at all to anyone? Even Whedon himself said he wasn’t thrilled with it. Buy why would he? It’s dumb. I’m to assume that all these living, breathing, alien entities that are ripping through Manhattan and blowing it to bits are stopped because a random hole to space closes? What does one have to do with the other? Nothing. What are they running on? Cheap walkie-walkie radio signals where you can’t walk more than 50 yards out of range? It was a cheap cop-out for them not knowing how to resolve the end of the film (which they also did a cheap cop-out of in Captain America). When the same exact thing (And it WAS the SAME EXACT THING) happened in Independence Day, it was because the mothership was infected with a virus and then blown up… and it didn’t kill the aliens, it simply shut down their forcefields. There is no reason all of these aliens invading earth just magically drop dead because a random hole to space is closed. It was stupid.

Those aren’t really issues. They’re thematically in-line with the rest of the movie’s believability.

Well, I wasn’t going to come out and say the entire movie was dumb… but if you believe that, I won’t try to change your mind.


Alright Spooie, I actually get your gripes. First, considering how many times the helicarrier has just hovered in ridiculous locations in the comics, only to be brought down by an obvious attack, it seems legit in the movie.

Second, this is the beginning of all this. S.H.I.E.L.D. knows the Hulk is strong. But that’s it. They had no idea how strong. And considering they know now that Thor can escape their little box, relatively unharmed, I assume they will “upgrade”. it’s like in the comics when the Hulk first appeared. People tried to trap him in things they thought would hold him. They didn’t. And, yes, getting the Hulk in that thing would have been difficult to say the least. But not Banner.

Deus ex machina. Much like the droids in Phantom Menace. The aliens in the Avengers were bio-mechanical. Almost like the Borg. And this was not a signal coming from somewhere in space. it was from another dimension. Close the hole, close the signal.

But, yeah, it was dumb as hell. Still didn’t ruin it for me though.

I thought the helicarrier was to hide from Loki, then when they got Loki it was to hide him (which obviously didn’t work). It is a home base that moves. Why just stay parked?

But it didn’t move anywhere. It went straight up and stayed there, wasting billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars, probably killing hundreds of birds that got sucked into the engines (Those propelers are quite massive), and potentially creating an on-air collision.

They camoed the place the moment they took off. Loki surely can see what’s going on there, as he can peer through entire galaxies (as shown in the beginning)… not to mention he was already watching Shield from his astral state (as seen in the after-credits sequence of Thor). When Loki was on the Heli-Carrier, there was no rhyme or reason to keep it up there camoed any longer, because dozens of Shield agents he converted over to the side of evil, obviously knew how to find it. The only purpose it served was to set up the scene later on when all hell breaks loose and it’s going to crash. Plot-wise to the in-movie story, there was no point at all.

As for all of the problems with the base being attacked in the comics… when you realize that Shield IS a government agency, you start to realize why it is such a mess and no real logic exists.


As far as The Hulk… it makes me wonder how long Shield has been tracking Banner around the world. Did they start doing this AFTER The Incredible Hulk or beforehand?

Honestly, I don’t know if I’d feel better or worse knowing that the alien invaders in Avengers had powers and abilities far beyond anything we’d ever seen before… but were using 2001 wifi technology on Windows 95 programming.



Less Wolverine, more…anyone else plz.