Writer's Block

[align=center]As writer’s block…
My worst nightmare…
My moral enemy…[/align]

The nemesis that breaths down my neck. It’s hot breath a sharp reminder of how closely it trails behind me. Reaching out at me with its claws stained with the blood of the lives it stole before. It chases after me, growling deeply as it closes in on my. With each weaken stumble I take to escape, it closes in on me.

I find myself being chased into a corner. A dread dead end greets me as I turn the corner. Trapped, the beast approaches. I can hear its nails on the metal behind me as I try to find away to slip away.

Will someone not save me? Will a knight not come to slayer this creature that now towers before me? Where is my hero…?

Quickly, I brace myself for its attack. Praying that I can at least fight back enough to get away and hopefully find the break I need…To finally be free.

Yeah…I’m getting writer’s block again and it sucks. I have a very detailed plan for a story but I can’t see to translate the thoughts from my mind to words on paper. It’s pissing me off because I had a nice prologue going but I now hate the idea of it being the beginning. So I’m scrapping it…At this rate, I won’t get anything done.

Same thing hit me, that’s why the scripts were unfinished. Really I think it’s because we have great ideas that we manage to make a good start, but then lose interest fast.

But I’m still plugging away… in my own way…

My advice? Lisening to music, although I’m sure you do that already. Perhaps listen to some of your favorite old music or new music. I think it helps the creative process.

Well the idea I’ve been working on I original started with a former poster back in 2005. Our story kind of died just because our schedules changed and it turned out to be too difficult to co-write something with someone you spoke to maybe once or twice a week. Another friend of mind who liked it asked us if he could pick it up. Neither one of us cared and said sure. He managed to make something good from it but the character I created turned out much differently than I wanted her portrayed.

After playing Resident Evil 5, it kind of inspired me to pick it up again and make the character what she was suppose to be. And yes, I’ve tried listening to music; I listen to music anytime I’m not watching TV or sleeping or working (unless I’m working in the store room >_>). There’s some songs that have inspired pieces of it and I have everything planned out on a detailed time line even including dates.

The problem is that there’s so much that the story needs to tell, so much character development, and so many parts that happen later in the story that I want to write compared to the beginning. I guess I just feel a bit overwhelmed by it.

Ah yes, I too suffer from the “cool stuff in later parts you wanna write right now but are stuck on the mundane junk instead.” It’s crippling for sure.