Wow this Analyst is extremely positive about Natal.

If Microsoft is listening to things like this no wonder they are excited.

Man that’s ridiculously optimistic. As the article states that means it would be more popular than WiiFit. I sure has hell don’t buy that.

PS3 is getting some bad news.

Sports and Pets games.

Both Microsoft and Sony got some bad news the second they announced there Motion Control systems.

I’m not against them having motion controls they just seem like they have no clue as to what they are doing. Maybe Sony has changed their model but the last thing I remember about Arc is using a Dualshock instead of a Nunchuck style device.

Microsoft has a chance with Natal I’ll be honest if they had a game that was like Milo X 1000 (I don’t mean 1000 of them I mean that much better) I’d care problem is that’s unrealistic. If he actually reacted to everything I did uniquely that’d be something as far as I’m concerned something like that is going to have a set of vauge responses.

If they could do something like the interrupt in Mass Effect 2 but I could do anything at any time that would be awesome. The problem is this isn’t realistic. If a developer is able to code enough into a game to do that awesome but if they could pull off stuff like that the game would be awesome anyhow.

I’m seriously hoping that motion control dies with the Wii.


That’s honestly the only thing I can post that sums up my thoughts.


That’s honestly the only thing I can post that sums up my thoughts.[/quote]

He didn’t say he expects it to.

I agree with him. Motion controls are, for the most part, annoying and gimmicky.

[quote=“nothere413”]He didn’t say he expects it to.

I agree with him. Motion controls are, for the most part, annoying and gimmicky.[/quote]

100% agreed.

I hope Nintendo dies after the Wii >_>

That has a better chance of happening, actually. :lol No stopping the motion control train now! Choo-choo bitches! :smiley:

No no no, Nintendo needs to stay. I need my Mario games. >_>

Sorry it won’t especially on how Microsoft and Sony are trying to copy them right now. Companies can’t rely on this make expensive games model forever its going to cave eventually. Nintendo saw this before other companies have. I don’t think motion controls is why the Wii is popular but Microsoft and Sony sure seem to think so.

I hate to break it to you guys but companies can’t go this route of putting in crazy expensive technology and making super high budget games. That requires more people to buy or a higher price. Sony and Microsoft are quite jealous Nintendo can have lower dev costs and higher sales. They believe it to be because of Wii things its why they adapted Avatars and now motion controls.

LOL. That’s not likely to happen even if you believe its just Nintendo fans like Andrex and I buying their stuff. Nintendo is actually in the position to likely stay around because their success isn’t hinged on third parties like the other companies.

The very reason Nintendo will stay.

Microsoft and Sony need games not hardware their typical image doesn’t help them with trying to acquire this new market either. I want a 360 because of Mass Effect not because of the hardware.

The IP will be sold to Ubisoft and they will make a Rayman x Mario games…and you will like them. :neutral_face:

No, because they will be shit . . . just like your logic. :disgust;

I guess Activision should just give up on Modern Warefare as well.

It’s not that motion control needs to go, it’s the gimmicky that needs to go, and that’s why I’m so pumped about Natal. Sure, it could be used to let you stand hitting video balls with your hands and feet, or drive a car with nothing real to touch, but it’s intricate lacing into existing models that could prove to be the real killer. Remember near the start of avatar and you get this big pan out of the hq of the facility? Sure, we don’t have 3D holo-tech yet, but action responsive control is the next step in getting there. The ability to move your hand (head, body, ect) to work a control, even a minor one, one you don’t even think of as a move, that’s the future of control.

Cant say I’m really pumped about Natal at the moment. As far a motion control goes nobody has nailed it yet so It wont hurt for MS/Sony to give it shot. I can care less about what an analyst thinks about Natal.