Wow someone analyzed the heck out of the Zelda art

Fanboys can do that. Remember all the MGS4 trailer analysis same with the GTA4 trailers as well

I thought it was pretty funny and interesting actually. He could have seen things they had meant to be in there.

There’s already a thread on this… One made by you, actually…


I probably should have posted it in there.


A little bit too much thought into stuff like the ganon thing.

This is what happens when you don’t release a good game in a long time. That one good game trailer will have people analize the hell out of it. I am surpised no one Analyzed Metal Gear Solid Rising.

There was nothing from Rising to analyze.

You know, the character in this art could be something totaly new and different, like a new storyline (heaven forbid!)

Burn the non-believer!!

You must not have heard the speculation on how the ninja was sunny or how big boss was really otacon