Won't do as good as The Dark Knight...

Oh… wait.


At first I lol’d.

But then I cried a little bit.



I remember when every jackass and their mother was whining about the Dark Knight being the best opening ever (long before it was released, mind you), stating that, whenever anyone mentioned any other movies last year, especially comics, that “IT WONT BE AZ BIGG AS TEH DARK NIGHT.”

To them, I say…

Well, you know what… now a bunch of emo pre-teens make you all look like fucking morons.



Yeah, The Dark Knight is what shut my mouth, honestly. I didn’t think anything could beat Spiderman 3.

At least time will tell that The Dark Knight will be remembered as a classic as Twilight will be a fad.

So says the comicbook nerd. Go and read your funny pages. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you saying that Twilight is gonna be remembered as a classic?

Hell if I know. Don’t know much about it. But, if all the reception it received and the sequel has already received… it already IS a classic.

Of course, Batman and Robin and Showgirls are both classics as well, but no one ever said they were great movies.

This movie won’t run in theaters as long as TDK did. I’m pretty sure it won’t even break TDK’s first week, as the first Twilight movie dropped down a lot in just a few number of days.

Never doubt the power of a legion of 12 y/o girls

They could probably start a civil war and conquer the whole country if they wanted :Q

[quote=“sbf717”]Never doubt the power of a legion of 12 y/o girls

They could probably start a civil war and conquer the whole country if they wanted :Q[/quote]

It’s already starting…


[quote=“StealthMaster86”]It’s already starting…


I have no idea who that is. :boggle;

But if you think THAT’S bad, wait until this Friday morning. That’s going to be the scene of every department store in the country.

He just became famous like 2 months ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

He is Usher’s new “tween” project which seriously seems like it’s blatant child prostitution with no sex involved.


This is so sad, I almost just want to kill myself.

Oh quit being pussies. It’s always going to be a fact that a movie will beat out a record-holder in the future. Ticket prices are what make the box office look so big, they are what makes the difference.

Damn fangirls and the teens…

We knew that… but I was hoping it would be… you know… a good movie.

I could personally care less that the dark knight got beat out. It just saddens me that it’s new moon, the absolute worst movie ever.