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[size=134][color=DarkRed]Penumbra: Overture[/size][/align]

A Swedish Horror-Adventure game, Penumbra: Overture is the first chapter in a three part episodic journey through madness on a man’s quest for answers and survival. Philip is a thirty-year-old physicist who’s mother recently passed away. After coping with her death, he receives a strange letter from his father who he thought was dead as well.

The letter sends Philip to Greenland as he begins his search for clues behind the letter. Though his search is cut short as a snow storm forces him to take shelter in an abandoned mine… Or does it…?

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Note: You will hear the random conversation between Rob, Sal, Paul, and myself due to our ongoing Skype conversation. Consider it a bonus!

Stream starting in about ten minutes.

Switching the audio over so that way you can hear everyone.

So I’ll be restarting the game soon.

everythings up and running and whatnot for anyone whos mildly interested

Intersting but DAMN that dog.

I started that game a while back. I should get back to it.


Because I’m bored…

Following the plot of House of the Dead 2, Typing of the Dead has you following James and Gary as they try to recover “G”. Soon they find themselves being forced to clean up the zombie outbreak.

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At like 1:45am Central/ 2:45am Eastern[/align]

Should’ve warned me I wanted to see that. :frowning:

G is awesome btw.

I got bored at like… what… two o’clock in the morning? Had no way to warn people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t matter anyway, it ended up crashing half way through anyway. :frowning: