Wish me luck, you guys! "0.0"

For the next couple of days, I will be signing up to the unions in Kansas City for their apprenticeship programs.

Only 5 I’m going for and they are a once in a month thing if I can get this all done in 2 days flat. They are for carpenters, cement masons, plasterers, sheet metal workers, and laborers.

I don’t exactly have any preferences for these because they sound all great. Although the plasterers’ and sheet metals’ program are my last resorts. Anyway, I’m getting ready now for another trip to Kansas City.

First time doing this, btw. Finally laying myself down a real good career path!



Hmmm my cousin is a cement mason, he loves it and he says it pays pretty well. Good Luck

good luck dude

I got three applications done now.

  • Cement mason
  • Plasterer
    -Sheet metal worker

So far, the mason apprenticeship pays the most, beginning $12.50 for each hour and that’s 50% of a journeyman’s wage. I got to fill out another 2 applications for the mason and plasterer trade when I visit one of the employers, plus I’ll have to do the urine test there.

I’m also having dinner with my sister and her husband tomorrow to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Their treat.

Well the laborer center thing ended in failure.

They only accepted applications 8-10am. I was just 10 minutes late. On paper it said 8am-noon. :disgust;

This really sucked. I guess I’ll have to wait next month to try this again then.

I’m kinda angry now, not so much as to this. But at the amount of gas I had to waste just for finding the damn place. It was like way out in to the city limits of KC- way into the state of Kansas.