Will There Be A Mid-Gen Refresh for Xbox again?

Where before i was 95% sure, what fills me with a little bit of doubt is the rumored introduction of the Xbox Series S.

So you’re telling me 3-4 years from now MS will announce an 8K 18 TF Xbox Series Z? Is just crazy to me that MS will potentially have 3 different SKUs on the market.

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series X
Xbox Series Z

Or is the Xbox Series X the mid-gen refresh in disguise?

I don’t think so. I do have to wonder how is the Series S not going to hold back the Series X?

Developers will have to account for someone having a Series S and I wonder what effect that has on game design.

That is a good question. The idea is that the game will automatically scale down to the Series S but they still have have to make the game with two consoles in mind.

This is one area where I can see the argument for both sides but can’t say which one rings more true.