Wii Motion Plus


Sounds like its doing well.

Is this real life?.. Is this real life???

I was sold on it when Tiger Woods came out .

Yeah I heard the Tiger Woods game is the best one…even with the graphical downgrade from the other plats do you think thats true?

Well you either chose the graphics or the controls of Wiimotion Plus. From what I’m hearing WiiMotion plus is pretty cool when used right. Apparently Tiger woods is the game to get well until Wii Sports Resort anyways.

Big time. I will sacrifice graphics when the gameplay is this fun.

nice! makes me excited for Red Steel 2

Too bad the wii still sucks and the wiimote is still a huge, useless gimmick. :>

I would hate be a Wii owner and the biggest game coming out for me soon is Wii Sports