Why do people take games out of the case on eBay?

I asked this some years ago elsewhere, but I feel like asking it again, because it drives me crazy. Even more so, it drives me crazy when someone puts in the description that the game has no scratches, and then they take a picture of the disc laying on their carpet or something.

I see it all the time. Someone has the CASE, the INSTRUCTIONS and the DISC all in different spots in the picture, and the disc is always laying on a table or desk or hell, I’ve seen it on wet grass and gravel in some pictures. Why do people do that?

Wouldn’t it be easier to say “I’m selling you these games, because I treat them like shit and don’t want them anymore” ??? That’s thousands of tiny little scratchable fibers there!


I mean, look at that…




And he does that for every single auction. He’s had over 26,000 transactions minimum.

It’s not like discs are that scratchable that even touching the carpet makes it useless.

The guy is only showing off what’s in the case because it’s his fashion. If he really was treating them like shit then his feedback would be well under 70%

It’s not so much HOW scratched it can get, than it is the fact that it IS scratched. But… why… why would you do something that you know will scratch it MORE and then, of all things, show it off to the world you’re trying to get to buy it?

I rarely buy used disc games, and I’ve never bought a single used disc game that wasn’t scratched in some way. I think, maybe, of ALL the games I own that are on disc… a total of 4 are scratched that weren’t bought used, and 3 of them were loose in the case.

Is it that big of deal? The scratches would be so small you would need a microscope.

God yes just look at this shit



a shot of the inside of the case is enough.

I swear that’s the same thing they said about Hitler occupying Europe, and THAT didn’t turn out so well.


And, yes… it is that big of a deal. But then, maybe I just care more than the average person about the preservation of gaming history than others.

Ah, so you’re one of those people who shits his pants if there’s a spec of dust on the disc.

Calm down spooie. It really isn’t that important.

This is what a videogame disc SHOULD look like.

This is “a spec of dust.” I don’t care about this. This is easily overlooked.

This is a “scratch-free used game,” or, as I call it, a “holy shit, what-the-fuck?-B.B.Q.”

In the words of William Hurt from “A History of Violence”… HOW do you FUCK THAT UP?

Maybe having the disc not be, you know, complete shit, doesn’t matter to some people… but when I buy a used game on eBay and the guy tells me there aren’t any scratches on it, and I get bombarded with something like that, I dunno, I feel a little inclined to be upset. And when I see people WILLINGLY doing it on eBay, you know, I kind of want to point out the absurdity of doing it. It’s certainly not HELPING the game. But, when I see someone doing something like that, I know that the person cares not for the condition of the games he’s trying to sell, and I can’t even imagine why anyone would be so thoughtless to do that… on a friggen carpet no less!

So… yeah, I’ve gotten burned on them before, and, yeah, sour grapes for me, but you know what… suck it, hippies. 'Cause I’m captain scratch-free disc-man, dammit.


The middle picture is no big deal. The game will play perfect. Stop being so anal about nothing.

I think he wasn’t anal to begin with. Read the post again, I think your confusing which picture he’s talking about.

Oh, he put the text under the picture so I assumed that one went with it.