Why can't horror games be like this...

I’m about half way through the Orphanage now, and sonvabitch! I want a game like this.

The suspense…The disturbance…The plot…

It remains me a lot of Rule of Rose- which I need to track down for the hell of it. The last game to make me feel this way was Fatal Frame III to a point…I thought Fatal Frame II was more as atmospheric though.

The part with the psychic on camera was the scariest part of any movie I’ve watched in the last few years, and I’ve been having Friday the 13th/Halloween/Nightmare on Elm Street/other “scary” flicks marathons for the past few months.

I haven’t been scared in the sense of “OH FUCK! AHHH”

I just feel…Very uneasy…It’s very messed up…

I think I’m almost done with it.

It makes me want to write.

It does have a semi-nice ending, depending on your viewpoint.


It took me a second to realize what she did when watching it. But I caught on pretty quickly. It’s bittersweet. Just like how I like it.

I can only dream of being as good as this guy.

Err… what’s the Orphanage?


Wait Kumi, you’re going to be a director/producer?

I’d like to become one as well as a writer. (Kind of like George Lucas.)

I’d like to become a game director someday as well… even though it’s somewhat unrelated, tell me what it’s like when you get there. :slight_smile:

BTW- I hope you don’t crash and burn creatively later on in your career like Lucas. :stuck_out_tongue: Best of luck.

Maybe we will be competitors someday then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck to you as well.

Just like you have aspirations of being as good as Del Torro, I want to be as good as Mikami, Molyneux, or Kamiya. Either director or lead designer…

Then I realize how hard that will be and think, “Let’s just get my programming degree first. Then we’ll see if I can even break into the industry. Baby steps.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Programming first, directing second basically.

How would we be rivals? :stuck_out_tongue: Unless I work on the game adaptation of your movie, or vice versa. :Q

Well you, Andrex, I want to apply it to games. Not movies. :stuck_out_tongue:

The direction I am going is that I want to make very emotional, cinematic feeling games kind of what like Kojima has done with the Metal Gear Solid series or Dave Cage did with Indigo Prophecy but not have half my game be cut scenes. Part of the reason why I’d love to take some independent film courses is just to see how the way the scene is presented is mixed with the feeling the director wants from that particular scene in order to maybe find a way to make that feeling happen outside of a cut scene in a game. (Does it make sense?)

Basically what I want to create is a game that’s enjoyable to play but has a Del Torro feel to it with a Lovecraft-styled plot. (A story like The Orphanage would work very well with a game styled after Fatal Frame.)

You guys and your game making dreams…

I have my sights set a bit more realistically.

I want to write books and deal blackjack!

Ah, then we may be at odds with eachother after all. Indigo Prophecy is lauded for the story but has bad gameplay, and the MGS series while cinematic is the de facto example of taking it a bit too far.

A game with only great story may not be favorable to a game with only great gameplay, I think. I hope the projects you work on can incorperate both.