Whoa, I mean, whoa.

So, if you have the console to do it, go try out that demo for Dante’s Inferno. I’ve been dying to play this game since it was announced, and right off I could see the GoW influence…but damned if it didn’t kick ass in it’s own right by the end.

I agree. The more and more I play the demo the more I want to play the game. There should be a new Developer Diary coming up in the next few days about the 8th circle of Hell: Treason.



Ditto. Didn’t enjoy that game’s demo as much as the Bayonetta demo.

at least the scythe doesnt make that anoying clinking noise the blades of chaos aparently make now . . .

Yeah, but I don’t particularly care for God of War, either…

I’ll end up renting it taking the scythe was bad ass.


wonders if GoW will have a 4-breasted Goddess as a boss now >_>

I’m pretty sure they already announced a boss with 8 tits at E3.

8 titties one for each SPU on CELL!!

Edit: JINX!

You gotta be kidding me I actually guessed right? :lol

No, not really. We were joking.

EDIT: At least… I was…

I played the demo. It was a GoW rip off right off the bat. Even the smallest details were copied.

They did do a good job advertising, though.