Who is the coolest person on this forum?

And you can’t say yourself.

I’d say Andrex, but Gamer98’s got you beat by a mile.

Actually Spooie is way cooler than both of you.

Andrex, buddy. Your looking lame here.

But Refugo wins. By far.

Uh… what?

Anyhow, I say Teddy even though he never posts, because we’re cool buds.

OK I may not be the “coolest” person on this forum but there is no way in hell I’m going to let someone say Gamer is cooler than me.

No offense, Gamer.

Anyways I vote Kumiko or spooie. Hrm, where does this sound familiar…

I’ll have to lean towards Ryan since Nighty barely post here anymore.

[highlight]User was AWESOME for this post.[/highlight]

No one.



Fucking banned you traitorous swine. :mad;

Proxy bitch! :neutral_face:

But Ryan makes me laugh so that’s why :stuck_out_tongue:

So does w2d2. >_> Although I guess I laugh more at his jokes about you than you do…

I change my answer to him. You pool sandal.


gurren gets 5,456 cool points for his sig

Oh yeah, that reminds me: it’s too big Gurren. BELETED


Also took the chance to make it look more… authentic…

There, that’s much better. :slight_smile:


Guys… There is no competition! Axel’s got us all beat.


Sweet. :cool; Also barcster’s vote counts as 100.

If that’s true, then Chad’s vote counts for a billion.

No. It actually counts for -1. :neutral_face:

Negative one billion, you mean.