Who here has played a Turbo Grafx-16?

Or, at least, has anyone played a TG16 game through another console they owned?

Never the actual console but have a couple of turbo grafx games on the virtual console (the first bonk, ys book i & ii).

Want to play some of the telenet japan games on it like the cosmic fantasy and valis games that were released on it.

If you like Zelda, check out the Neutopia games.

I never had rich friends :confused:

And none of the ones that came to PSN looked all that interesting. Anything I’m missing out on besides Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and Ys 4???

I still have mine. Kieth Courage in Alpha Zones is the only game I still have. Loaned a buddy Bonk’s Adventure like 20 years ago and the fucker still hasn’t returned it.

Neither did I. I got my TG16 new in the box for $49.99 at TRU. :slight_smile:

TODAY they cost a ton, because they’re rare and sought after, but back then it was just that no one knew of the system or to buy the games.

I think both of those are Turbo Duo ones, though (meaning they require the Super CD). Never played Rondo of Blood, though it’s apparently on both the PSP game as an unlock able and on the Wii’s VC. Y’s 4, never played, but my brother did have some of the series.

The standout games for were Bonk’s Adventure and Revenge (Bonk III was a step down, honestly), the Neutopia games, Blazing Lazers, Parasol Stars, Splatterhouse… though, I only have about a dozen games.

I’ve heard many people tell me that Shockman is a great MegaMan clone, but you know, as someone who owns MegaMan AND Shockman, other then “man,” there isn’t a whole lot that’s the same.

Thanks for that, BTW.


I mean… track him down.

I remember reading about those. They looked pretty cool. I think they’re on PSN now which is great for so I can play it on my psp.

Speaking of Ys 4, I still need to play that one. Heard it’s much better than the Super Famicom version which I thought was not that great. I think the fan translation was updated in the past year or so too with a dub or something which interests me!

For those who may be interested and missed the COVID-delayed launch months ago, but also didn’t want to spend $200+ on the aftermarket or import the PC Engine version from Japan, these are back in stock at Amazon…