"Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" sequel happening, plus Blair Witch 3 is coming


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Yeah, I read that Blair Witch 3 thing a couple days ago. Makes me happy it’s being made by the guys who did the first and not the second.

I think after the success of Paranormal Activity (the only movie to break Blair Witch’s production-cost-to-profit record), the movie execs started giving them more leeway.

You stole this from Undead Priest. :disgust;

I just only borrowed from him. :disgust;

Like you’re one to talk about stealing things. >_>

Also they should put OJ in the Roger Rabbit sequel.

What’s weird is that development on both these movies started years ago (in fact, Roger Rabbit 2’s development pre-dates Space Jam)… but they’re just now finally coming to light.

No on Roger Rabbit and No on Blair Witch. I did not even like the first Blair Witch, the 2ed one was even worse.

Sod off, you. <_<

I dunno, I loved Roger Rabbit, but it wasn’t as much the toon stuff as Bob Hoskins who made it for me…

oh, and this

Further raping of my childhood confirmed.