White Knight Chronicles US trailer. English VO FTL


English VO sounds pretty average [SPOILER]Like the game amirite Fami reviews![/SPOILER]

Looks decent though although I was kinda hoping when it came to the US they would change the princess and the main dude a little bit cause they kinda look like brother and sister to me. >_>

*searches for Opoona copypasta-

stabbed in hand by Chad

I can’t really get that excited about this game. It looks slightly above average, to me. I’ll probably get it once it’s down to 40 bucks, though.

[quote=“Andrex”]*searches for Opoona copypasta-

stabbed in hand by Chad[/quote]


Although that does remind me I need to go back to lurking in 2ch >_<

Make a thread about it. [SPOILER]>_>[/SPOILER]

what the ffuck is up with that clown? i thought this game was suposed to have the best animations ever and what not . . .

I don’t know who the fuck said that…

but whoever he is someone should go to the 1up forums and kick him in the balls. >_>