What the...I don't even...



I’m confused as to what the fuck that was… but I’m intrigued. The chorus is great :smiley:

Allow me to explain. It’s called pretending to be weird so the weird people will buy your cd.

Where’s her penis?

wiimote . . .why . . . ?

She has no penis just a saggy vulva :confused:

The Wii is a whore console. If you look closely you see that guy used a Wiimote to push her album sales higher like she was a whore.

…I think that’s what it means :confused;

The chorus was the best part.

Honestly Lady Gaga does have a really good voice but she just acts like a weird fuck so its hard to take her seriously.

Paparazzi>Bad Romance

I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to the Top 40s shit.

Bad Bromance>Paparazzi>Bad Romance? :Q

…It can’t be unseen. @_@

I tend to avoid Lady Gaga like the plague.

The plague was pretty unavoidable…

I don’t like women voices, and to top it off it’s lady gaga, and she’s too weird for me.

Does she think all the stupid looking stuff she wears is cool? It just looks ridiculous

I’d never want to be in a video like that…