What the fuck, Tom Cruise

NASA is involved too. Wtf.

This is the only proper response to anything Tom Cruise does.

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I’m pretty sure James Cameron was looking into doing the same about 20 years ago, after science figured out how to film movies at the bottom of the ocean. Cruise simply wants to go in the opposite direction.

No surprise, Tom is an absolute adrenaline junkie. Just look at the insane shit he’s done in the MI series. Not much left for him to do except go to space.


dont invite Michael Bay, he’ll make things awesome and i dont want them to risk that in space


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I kind of feel like those Mission Impossible movies are a bit of an ego booster for Cruise, but no one seems to mind since how damn entertaining they are.

Remember when the third one underperformed Paramount’s expectations and expelled his production studio from their lot? And the 4th one was being created to have Jeremy Renner take over the franchise?


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Cruise is a producer on the franchise since the start though, no secret why that all never came to pass.

Yeah, but Paramount wasn’t happy that the third film underperformed and then tried to shift blame toward his “antics” or whatever nonsense was going on at the time.


When the fourth movie was being made, they ran into a lot of script issues. Jeremy Renner was being groomed to replace Cruise as the new franchise star, but they hadn’t developed a story for him. They were already shooting without a finished script.

Christopher Mcquarrie, having previously worked with Cruise on Valkyrie, was brought in as a script doctor to come up with an ending for the movie, write a 3rd act, flesh out Renner’s role (he’s the one that came up with the storyline of believing he let his wife die) and he was responsible for getting Ving Rhames back into the film at the end as the studio wanted to move on and didn’t want to pay him.

He impressed so much that after Jack Reacher (also with Cruise), he was given control of M:I-5, then M:I-6 and now M:I-7&8. He’s bringing back Kittridge from the first movie.

Fun fact, he originally wanted to get Maggie Q and Paula Patton in Rogue Nation, but they both had scheduling conflicts for other shoots.

Fallout spoilers below…

Renner could only work on Fallout for 2 days and originally he was going to get killed at the beginning of the movie, instead of Luthor getting shot. Be balked at it, figuring he might be able to return for another movie down the line one day. Later, they needed a scene with emotional impact and that was missing because Renner wasn’t there and Baldwin volunteered to have them kill his character instead.

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Interesting, I would have never guessed Baldwin would let his ego go for that. Maybe he wanted out anyways?

Also that’s fascinating on McQuarrie, now dude’s directing the series. One of the screenwriters I listen to advice for the most.