What should my new layout be?

Which one?

  • Simple
  • Super Massive
  • The Moon
  • Bittersweet Symphony
  • Ultimate

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So, I’m bored and not exactly tired yet. I’m thinking of changing my layout on MySpace (haha yes I use it) but I don’t know which one:

1. Simple
2. Super Massive
3. The Moon
4. Bittersweet Symphony
5. Ultimate

Over all I’d say ultimate…but that moon really had me hooked (if it seemed a little more in depth than a linked pic)

I had a hard time choosing between Ultimate and Supermassive.

I chose ultimate in the end, though.

Et tu Kumi? :frowning:

Either Simple or Ultimate, I’d say.


Ultimate and the other ones have too much content and it’s distracting.

I need a tie breaker.

i voted for super massive >_>

Glad to be the tie-breaker.

Ultimate. From a usability-standpoint (which I’m huge on), it seem to be the most, erm, usable.

I changed it.

Who goes on Myspace anymore?

I do, occasionally, though starting this fall I’ll have to check out Facebook (due to the 360 thing)

The problem I have with Facebook is the lack of customization. I hate having my page look just like everyone else’s and when i get bored…I mess with the layout which is why I kept MySpace as my main social network.

That’s why I like Facebook. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a lot less buggy and more streamlined than MySpace.