What if Cypher had killed Neo?

I suddenly (and randomly) thought of this today:

In the first Matrix, as Cypher is about to pull the plug on Neo, he tells Trinity that if Neo really is The One, “There would have to be some kind of miracle to stop me! Right?” Of course, a miracle shows up and Tank proceeds to fry the shit out of Cypher.

Previously in the movie, we’re led to believe that The One is some sort of divine intermediary, that he is interwoven with fate itself.

But in The Matrix: Reloaded, that is tossed out of the window. The One is merely a machine-manufactured balance to The Matrix. There is no fate, no overriding divine will. It’s all chance.

Thus, we can conclude that Cypher really could have killed Neo right then and there. While it would have made for a boring series of movies if that happened, it’s still entirely possible as there’s no reason Neo has to be alive. It’s just an interesting turn of events in retrospect- that there was never a big plan to things, and that all the talk of “miracles” and “saviors” is really just a hoax.

But maybe I’m overanalyzing things. :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually since there is no fate, nothing would’ve happened.

Although actually… if The One dies before he realizes his potential, what does happen? That balance is gone, and something like what you posted could happen! :Q

Anyone heard of this?It’s called The Matrix Reloaded Shadow Script and is basically The Matrix II. It’s really interesting (only part-way through still) , as it shares a stronger connection to the first film than Reloaded or Revolution. Apparently, this was the Wachowsky’s first concept for an immediate sequel to the first. I dunno if it’d be better, but it’s promising.

(For what it’s worth, I still love Reloaded, and like Revolutions a little.)

I’m sorry, Trex. But, Dark City>The Matrix.

Pfft yeah right.

Yeah. Right.

Yeah. No. :disgust;

I liked the direction things were going until about , hmm, maybe an hour into the third movie (maybe less). I really liked the second film, but the third just kinda went to fatalistic with the whole plot and killed it for me. I also felt it branched even farther from the original movie’s design compared to the second one.

If he unplugged Neo, he would of not died anyway.

Then the series would’ve ended on it’s high note, instead of introducing the Robot Mob and Mobile Suits.

The first movie would’ve been about an hour shorter than it actually is

You want to know what really would happen…?

The Matrix Online gets its servers shut down!

I would have saved money on the 2 sequels.

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