What browser do you use?

What browser do you use?

  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Other

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Please also post the version number if you can. If you use more than one, please post the one you usually use to browse Project Gforum.

I myself am an open advocate of Opera, the super-duperest best browser ever. :heart;

This is preliminary research for the next version of Project Gforum.

I’m considering switching to Opera, but for now, I’m using FireFox 3.

The one that rhymes with Oprah.

Even if you don’t switch to Opera, you should still upgrade to Firefox 3.5 ASAP. Supports HTML 5 goodness. :slight_smile:

Firefox 2.

I use Safari. Version 3.2.1 (4525.27.1) to be exact.

What’s up with the lack of Opera love?

Firefox ftw

2?! Upgrade that shit, mang! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you must use that… software, upgrade to 4. >_>

Using Firefox 3.0.11 currently.

Edit: just moved to 3.5.

Firefox 3.5

[quote=“Teh_Sarge”]Using Firefox 3.0.11 currently.

Edit: just moved to 3.5.[/quote]

gj guys :up;

Firefox, always and forever. Of course it’s 3.5

[quote=“Gurren Lagann”]Firefox, always and forever. Of course it’s 3.5

Opera 10 will be greater but for now I guess Firefox 3.5 is a good stopgap. :cool; I couldn’t live without everything built into Opera, nor without its standards-compliance (as a web developer and designer.)

Opera was okay just IMO.

I stick with Firefox mostly because of the ever-so nifty google-esque function the url bar serves. I been to so many sites that I don’t wanna start this with another broswer when I already have so much cookies stored on here.

It makes going back on games, anime, forums, and threads so much faster and fluid… [SPOILER]not to mention all the pr0n I seen here. >,>[/SPOILER]

I don’t understand how you can call Firefox better than Opera.

It’s like calling a pocket knife better than a Swiss Army one.


Really? An open-source highly customizable browser such as Firefox is like a “pocket knife”? :lol :lol :lol :lol

Thanks for the laugh. I needed to read something like that right before going to sleep.

What the fuck have you used? Firefox 1.5?? Jezzus… :lol

Opera has three built-in options for search:

The address bar, where entering any query that has a space automatically searches using the default search engine. If you want to enter something that doesn’t have a space, prepend it with either "? " or the letter of the search engine you want to use, e.g. "w " for Wikipedia, etc.

The second is, of course, the search bar, usually defaulted to the right of the address bar. In Opera, not only can you select different engines using the dropdown box, but you can also drag the left separator to the left to lengthen it, or to the right to lengthen the address bar.

The third is customizable search for the address bar. I recently set up a custom search for NeoGAF so I don’t have to constantly enter "g site:neogaf.com " in the address bar, merely "n ".

In practice:

How to set it up:

You can do this for any site or any search engine, in fact.

Edit: There’s actually a fourth option, the Speed Dial page has a search engine. I set this to be Wikipedia, since I use it often, but not often enough to make my default. My default, Google, is the default in the address bar and in the search bar.

As seen below: