What are you currently doing?(Gaming)

Fallout 3
Halo Wars
Street Fighter 4
Halo 3

Street Fighter IV
Indigo Prophecy
Dragon Warrior VIII

Going to go oldschool too…found some ROMS

Final Fantasy VI
Chrono Trigger

If Red Steel 2 sucks even half as hard as the original, I’m gonna laugh at you.

And now in addition to the above, Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga


I didn’t notice this, before…

I’m still trying to beat Uncharted but I’m stuck on the level where I have to climb the temple. On the PC I’m usually playing TF2 on tCo servers (shameless plug ftl) and when I feel like it practicing some C&C Red Alert 3 for when my rival rts playing classmate gets a PC good enough to run it I can beat him in it and Starcraft.

I’m playing a lot of Team Fortress 2, Demigod, and that’s about it.

Haven’t been playing as many games recently.

How is Demigod btw?

Playing Wolverine on the 360 and FO3 Broken Steel.

Demigod is alright.

If you’re expecting a real RTS you’ll be sadly disappointed. The only unit you can really control is your demigod. As a general you gain more control but when your an assasin type god you just run around capture flags and kill shit, mostly battling with the opposing Demigod[s].

RPG elements are cool though, it’s kind of a similar system to Diablo. Or at least reminded me of it.

PS3: Dormant, still waiting to trade mine in so I havn’t been gaming on it really. Once I get my new one, I’ll play some more PJM and LBP.

Wii: Been on break from AC since my son wiped my save data, but I’ve been playing Galaxy more (been a slow process with that one)

360: Resident Evil 5, wow, I hated the demo, how it handled, ect, but I have really gotten to liking this game. I’ll prolly be going back to Overlord just to finish the storyline, plus Fallout 3 and Fable 2 for DLC

PC: ROFL. No, seriously, this thing came out 4 months after XP launched, that’s November 01. There’s only so far you can upgrade, hehe. Been mulling building a system from scratch, but I’m gonna have to stay scalable. Once I do have a new(er) system in place, I’ve actually been mulling going back to EQ, not to play (too much time sink) but to guide (which I really loved doing).

Surprisingly, DW:Strikeforce has a good amount of content to it. The storylines can be up to 25hours long for each character so im enjoying it. Not too easy, not too hard.

Warhammering it

Fallout 3

Fallout 3
Warhammering it

Nothing right now, I was playing the first Phoenix Wright but school got in the way. But after school is done Tuesday I’m going to make it my duty to beat all of the games I never finished on the 360 and Wii. As well as getting some money and buying back all of my old N64 games.

Speaking of old games. I plan to buy my PS2 back and buy alot of games that I use to have back.

Nothing else exists in my gaming world except for Street Fighter IV and the occasional Third Strike session.

Oh man, my import copy of FFVII:ACC just came it the other night and I’ve been trying out the FFXIII demo! :smiley:

So far so good. I’m really liking the combat system they’ve implemented in this game. It feels like ATB 2.0 since the “bar” is now broken up into sections and some attacks/moves don’t take as many sections as others to perform so you can do multiple attacks quickly. I also love how when an enemy gets weak enough you can launch him in the air and do aerial combos on him. Very DMC-ish. :cool;

The presentation is amazing (as usual :stuck_out_tongue: ). There may not be quite as much detail in the individual textures as say RE5 but the art more than makes up for it, plus this isn’t the latest build of the engine so there is ample opportunity for polish.

While my expectations for FFXIII haven’t necessarily been raised, my anticipation for it sure has. :slight_smile:

Fallout 3
Warhammering it[/quote]

You have PGR4 too? YES! I want to play somebody online but its so empty I will be on most of the day Monday so just hit me up my tag is in my sig.