WestWorld ~ The Door (Spoilers)

Made a dedicated thread to this fascinating spectacle. Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor?

I feel like a dumbass because I miss a lot of the music. Last episode had Wu Tang Clan and I didn’t even notice.

Check these guys out. They do 3 WestWorld podcasts a week on each episode beginning with an insta-take, a deep dive and a viewer mail podcast.


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Hoping this season can turn it around…

Maybe they should have taken more time…

It hasn’t been HORRIBLE right? Riddle of the Sphinx I thought was Stellar, as was episode 2.

The stories are somewhat taking awhile to really pay off though. Dolores and Maeve are wandering around, what is at the place they are looking for?

I guess to some degree William is as well but I am strangely more invested in him.

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Isn’t that what happened in the first season though?

Until the season ends, we aren’t getting the whole picture.

Yeah. I guess the journey was more interesting then. Idk. Something is slightly off and I can’t explain it. Still a fantastic show and my fav thing to tune into every week aside from The Expanse.

the ending of the first season was so bad. I kinda dropped the show. Tried the first episode of this season and yeah. I think its run its’ coarse for me.

But episode 2 shows the outside world for the first time. How futuristic does it look? I was glad that was answered lol

If I can make time for it i’ll try it again. But I’ve no motivation as of writing this.

Which is a bummer since I really really enjoyed the first part of the first season to the mid point.

To all watchers, last night answered so much and judging by next week’s prevoew we can finally see the Ghost Nation motivation.

I thought this was the best ep of the season. Actually explained some shit, Valkyrie from Thor 3 got BTFO up finally after acting so smug all the time, and I just dig Anthony Hopkins and think the show isn’t the same without him. Plus that awesome cheesy massacre scene.

What about the dumbest guard on the planet and Angela? Lol

I agree though I loved the episode. Lots of people being shot up too.

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“What’s about to happen won’t be your fault”

I think I only liked, like, 15% of this season, haha.

I can see where people are coming from but when they say stuff like that but I still liked all of it. Kept me wondering and speculating all season. The after credits scene has me the most perplexed.


Others here.

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For anyone that cares, my cousin made this trailer…