Welp, I guess I'm a Liberal. (Politics REBORN!)

I figured I was a moderate, but Facebook has caught on to my wily ways.

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Also, I have absolutely no idea what this is, though…

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I figured this was an April Fools thing, but I guess not. Find out your pre-determined political status by going to your account settings > ads > your information > your categories > US Politics. Apparently, you get either “Very Liberal,” “Liberal,” “Moderate,” “Conservative” or “Very Conservative”

I’ve heard people call McCain a RINO liberal so anything is possible I guess.

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Well, McCain is one of the few legit Conservative/Republicans still in the party, so I can understand why so many of the people pretending to be would consider him that. The majority of new blood who are in any form of political power calling themselves either a conservative or republican the last couple terms are a complete bastardization of everything the party once represented, even as recently as the ‘W.’ era. It’s quite sad, actually, the complete culture shift the party has taken. But you know, they let it happen and didn’t try to stop it, so, whatever. It’s on them.

Maybe there is something to this supposed Liberal lean of mine after all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Where do you find that info on Facebook? I can’t find mine I wonder what mine looks like.

account settings >
ads >
your information >
your categories >
US Politics.

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LOL I think I’m going blind or something because I swear I never saw that in the first post.

All good. Did you find it?

Liberal or Conservative. On Facebook we’re all tools for Russian candidates.

Yeah, It’s pretty much the same as yours but mine has the model of my phone and how long I’ve had it down to the exact day.

Good to know that Facebook and the NSA are working more closely to track everyone than they let on. Soon, all of the terrorists who post daily cat videos and epic fail memes will rue the day! :slight_smile:

I came up as Liberal as well. I tend to think of myself as centrist liberal on most stuff so. good?

Uhhhhhh help :cold_sweat:

You too have Engage Shoppers?!?!? Damn, sorry to read that, man. :crazy_face:

Also… You forgot this is Trump’s America. I’m sure you’re fine for at least two more years. :slight_smile:

Wow you have a lot going on there huh.

I’m joking of course. They’re on to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve bought multiple things from Instagram ads so that wasn’t so surprising.

Excellent that’s more than enough time to take down the capitalist establishment. :muscle:

But Instagram isn’t tied to Facebook, as far as I can tell.

It’s the same advertising platform.

Source: I’ve used FB’s ad tools.

^Lol what he said

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