Well, then.


Absolutely insane, hopefully they are smart enough to not exclusively launch this as a cable network.


I never thought in a million years that I would wake up to news that G4 would be coming back.

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They couldn’t fix the logo?

Also when shit like Splatterhouse is getting rebooted obviously someone would find the G4 IP at the bottom of Comcast’s dumpster eventually.

The original Splatterhouse games were good. :neutral_face:

Sure but it’s like reviving Tron in 2010. The original was beloved but it did not make business sense to revive it – Disney was looking for a new franchise before they got their hands on Marvel and SW and revived Tron out of desperation.

Same with Splatterhouse, same with G4 now I’m betting.

G4 is not well loved in older gaming circles (most love was inherited from TechTV) and is completely unknown to anyone under 25.

Obviously, we’re a different crowd and there’s likely a lot of non-TechTV G4 lovers here, but we’re not the norm. I seriously wonder the point of reviving the G4 name in today’s landscape, but I suppose I don’t know exactly how they’ll execute.


Um, whoa. Seeing this the same day as the new Bill and Ted is giving me major throwback vibes.

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Funny you should put it that way…

Best case scenario: Sessler and Keighley bought the name and are going to do cool stuff and have the original people back a lot, while injecting things with a sensible modern spin

Realistic scenario: it’s an X-Play podcast (the “Nintendo Power” route)

I have yet to see any official confirmation from anyone involved and treat this as the news regurgitating old rumors because they’re bored and need the clicks.

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Well, somewhat agreed, and that’s what happened a few years after the movie came out, but it’s odd to see that again now, with at least some new info, even if just feedback from a party or two involved.

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How bout OMFG this dude posted after 6 years!!!??

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I wonder what level of necromancy it took to bring back G4?

2020-07-24 17_19_05


Well I originally watched because it was what tech TV turned into.

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People on Facebook are already in a “this is happening… it’s coming back… bring back the original shows” mentality for something no one has a damned clue about as of this point. People are actually talking like 15 years of everyone at G4’s lives never happened and they’re just going to drop everything and pick up where all the shows left off (I’m talking 2005 when the original G4 shows died). I had to drop a reality bomb on people that whatever this ends up being, for better or worse, it will never replicate the original network.

This is fucking brilliant :lol:

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Fully expecting it to be a Spotify exclusive podcast(/network) or something equally lame.

Yay low expectations!

I feel like this is going to be an internet network at best. Either it’s gonna be its own site/app, or on YouTube. Not expecting it to be the grand comeback that some people are expecting.

People are speculating this will be part of Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. I wasn’t planning on get Peacock whatsoever, but this just might change my mind.

There was no way this was ever going to have its own TV channel again.