Weirdest dream last night

I had one of the weirdest dreams last night, guys…

I was living at some large, beautiful mansion. I was in the music room playing my cello on the balcony over looking the garden. As I was playing, I heard a lot of noises coming from behind me. I turned around to see my dad rushing into the room, however it wasn’t my actual dad. Instead, it was the Red Spy from Team Fortress 2; I was his daughter.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up out of my chair. Looking me dead in the eyes, he said the Blue Team discovered who he was. They were apparently coming to storm the mansion to get revenge for the Blues he killed during all the fights.

He told me that I had to leave in order to save my life. He opened up some doorway hidden in the wall which opened up a passage that I could escape through. Giving me one last hug, he pushed me into passage way and shut the door, giving me no opinion but to escape despite wanting to stay and fight behind him.

And then I woke up…

A dream I had 2-3 days ago had me fighting a bear with laser swords coming out of his wrists. Shit was intense.

i had a dream there was a larg clump of hair growing on my shoulder made up of 3 long strans . . .

i woke up disapointed . . .

I had like four nightmares last night. And I almost NEVER have nightmares. What is wrong with me. >_<

The last nightmare I had was a few weeks ago.

I was at some small town trying to escape from zombies at a train yard.

You know… That wasn’t much of a nightmare to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a dream for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m curious though as to what happened in your nightmares…

As for I guess my last official nightmare I had, I was tied to a chair and in some dark house. This guy was holding me hostage; somehow I managed to get the ropes loose and the two of us ended up fighting as I struggled to get free, but he ended up choking me…

Mine really aren’t worth mentioning. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t really remember them much anyways.

Last nightmare I had, can’t really remember it too. But it was enough for me to describe it, in just 5 words:

giant blood-thirty worm penis. :plain;

I once had a dream that Nathan Fillion was in my room fighting Chuck Norris. I was disappointed when I woke up; it was just Scott Baio fighting with Henry Winkler. Shit was sad to watch. :frowning:

I had this dream today that an inch-long parasitic worm managed to get on to the kitchen counter and I tried lifting it with some paper to throw it outside, yet, I couldn’t get it to go on the paper. Somehow, the paper cut it in half, and I ended up having 2 worms crawling around. Only, the worms kept growing and growing and eventually this work was wiggling around the house at around 5 feet long. I ended up trapping it in some sort of netting, but feared that the worm would wiggle out of the hole. It did not. But I managed to release it outside in the middle of the road. But the weird thing is, I started in MY home at MY kitchen. But the dream ended outside of my grandparent’s old house that no one has lived in for a few years now.

Is that normal?

Apparently worms in nightmares are big business.

I never remember my dreams :confused:

Every once and a while I do. But for the most part, nothing :confused:

I had a nightmare the other night that I couldn’t stop murdering people I know.

I haven’t remembered a single dream in years. The last one I have any recollection of happened when I was not more than 15 years old, and it was a pretty uneventful dream. All I was doing was sitting on a bench on the porch of a beach house with a girl I knew from school watching the sun set over the ocean, and the light gave everything an orange glow. We didn’t talk or anything, just sat there watching. I have no idea why I still remember it.

The only dream I remember vividly was one that happened back last summer when I was in Michigan. It started off with Axel coming up to Buffalo and us hanging out and playing some video games and stuff. Then I woke up and had another dream where I was hanging out with Axel and his friends this time but they were actually the Teen Titans and I was spiderman and we were trying to find someone. Then I woke up and texted Axel this whole story. :stuck_out_tongue: