WE DID IT! Braid coming to PS3

It’s been awhile since Johnathan Blow said that he would only bring Braid to PS3 if there was enough interest from Sony.

But it looks like the Email campaign worked!!!

[SPOILER]Yes I’m taking the credit for this. Piss off :neutral_face: [/SPOILER]

Braid is coming to PS3. :smiley: Being ported by Hothead Games who I think did the Penny Arcade games

Ugh G4 is so ugly now. Who chose those colors??

Um, hurray?

Seriously though, good game, glad to see more people will get to play it.

I have been banned, I see nothing :frowning:


I need to get that, Flower, Wipeout HD, and I’ll be raping my PS3 all night.

Time to fix that video then.



Next week bitches!



I thought this was a completely new thread until I saw my post. :lol

I don’t like cluttering up the site with multiple threads on the same thing.

Good. :stuck_out_tongue: Less wasted database space.

Like a 2-page thread from the X-Play board would sway him in favor.

No but when I showed up at his house with the look of rape in my eyes he got to porting it real quick like. :confused:


Also confirmed it now runs in Native 1080p! For all you foolish people who bought 1080p TVs this makes…

stops and counts

A grand total of 7 games this generation that run in native 1080p!

I need to buy that game . . .

. . . for the 360.

And then you raped him anyways. SMH Chad. :plain;

I’m giving him some life experience so Braid 2 can be a metaphor for buttsex and tears >_>