Warner Brothers in Film Talks for Bleach Manga

Yep… :frown;

Also, Peter Segal is going to produce it. :confused;

Bleach is an awful show and anyone who likes it or tries to futher its reach should be shot dead :frown;

Actually, Hollywood is the one that should be shot dead.

Probably won’t have the good music that the anime has going for it, so really there’s nothing to like about it…

So many weaboos are gonna be raging so hard…


Can’t wait.


You have 30 mins to eat your last meal and say goodbye. And no we will not sing the Halo theme song at your burial :neutral_face:

I’m neutral.

You could never do it. Who would you talk to? Drew? Ha! :haw;

We have deep and thought-provoking conversations tyvm! :neutral_face: