Warhammer Online

Im thinking about getting it. Anyone play it? Should I get it?

If you had asked this a month or so ago, you could have downloaded the 10-day and played with Roan, Gillian, and I.

It was alright. It was kind of gritty looking though that may just be because I’m so use to looking at WoW’s bright colors, but it was an enjoyable MMO. I liked the public quests and the scenarios even though I always lagged out of them.

My PC is only level one so the trial would kill it -.-

Is it always laggy or just your connection at that time?

I think it may have been my connection; they didn’t have problems, but I did.

War Hammer does so many things right that wow does wrong its crazy. Say you have a quest to collect bear skins. Every bear u kill will drop a skin and when u kill the bear (wither u loot him or not) the skin will be added to ur inventory. Say u have quest to kill 30 raptors and u have already killed 25 before picking up the quest he will count the ones u have already killed. It focuses ALOT on pvp which might be a minus or plus depending on who ur speaking with. It has a more “realistic” look than WoW. its just a great game but it came out to late wow has already sucked in 11 million ppl its gonna be hard to compete.