But not just b/c that trailer was awesome I just spent some time with the new multiplayer demo and it was a fucking blast. Like the last one it mainly has to do with how great the guns feel. They are so solid and the kickback is nice along with some great sound.

I don’t know why this isn’t on more people radar. I don’t hear anyone talking about it maybe b/c they are still playing MW2 or [SPOILER]lol[/SPOILER] MAG but goddamn but that down and give BC2 a shot. :neutral_face:

god damn mother fucking use less ass god damn mother fucking snipers . . .

Sniper is a class that needs to die in every game. They should be ranked below juggalos in the social hierarchy :confused:

Say goodbye to your head, wanker.

I love being a sniper. Don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen. :stuck_out_tongue: (Unless you’re a woman lolz.)

Australians should be ranked even lower. :confused:

Bish better take that back…

NICE. I’m not expecting much of the story but it looks like it has great Potential.

what heat? theyre pretty much entierly pointless in rush, especialy on the attacker side . . .

You’re entirely pointless in real life. >_>

i think you know pretty well what i would do with . . .or rather what you think i would do with a statement such as this so im just gonna go do something else insteed while you finnish up here . . .

You don’t scare me. <_<


flees country

Looks ok

Pfft I was watching Durarara before you. >_>

What, I didn’t say anything… :confused;

He mad.