Vote for the "New" GCast regulars!

Which users should become "New" GCast "regulars"? (multiple votes allowed)

  • Andrex
  • Kumiko
  • Sakito
  • spooie
  • nothere413
  • AoR Final
  • GillianSeed
  • stealthmaster86
  • Axel

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Project Gforum is currently set to relaunch the GCast next Friday. The new set of guidelines I outlined in this post detail that there are four permanent “regulars” who will be apart of each episode.

Some people have expressed a desire for more community input as to the direction of this relaunch, so this is your chance to make a difference - I might not even be a regular depending on how the votes go!

You can vote for more than one person; I would prefer it if you limited yourself to four, but you can vote anyway you want. On Monday I’ll look at the final results and the top four most-voted on users will become the new regulars. If there’s a tie, then we’ll discuss which one should be selected here, openly.

I look forward to your decisions.

I picked three. I picked the most rounded people. I’m sorry but I feel like this thread is useless. I like that you did this but I’m pretty sure that the top 3 will be Andrex, Kumiko, Spooie, and the voter picked themselves. Which was something I myself did not do.

thanks for the add though

I was never one for these types of popularity polls. I voted for one person. And it wasn’t me or Kodos. But it was the one person I think should be involved with every episode.

I just want to say though, that I viewed the results up until now and that there are people who have been around a long longer than I have, and certainly contributed more to building the forums and previous podcasts than I have, so keep that in mind everyone when voting.

spooie and kumiko are the only two on the list that dont sound like everyone else on the list . . .

I went Andrex, Kumiko, spooie, GillianSeed.

Kumi for sure!

Why no rob? He has more to add to most of the conversations than steph and breaks the silence when no ones talking.

The lack of Rob (Axel) make me sad.

He’s been there since day one if I’m not mistaken. He not only ads to the converstation with actual intelligence as well as a sense of humor. On top of that, he has a variety of point of views which the podcast needed to begin with. And (as Gillian stole from me when we talked on the phone) he fills in the dead silent pauses when the other members don’t talk. If anything, he encourages us all to speak.

So I’m actually very disappointed that you didn’t even consider him on your list, especially when you have members who contributed so much less or only appeared in the podcast once over him.

So if this is my choice as a poster, I demand he gets added to list. After all, he adds more to the conversations than I do and you all seem to want me in the podcast… So there’s no excuse as to why not even consider him.

Damnit I knew I forgot someone. :frown;

If anyone would have voted for Rob say so and I’ll see if I can add your vote.

Lol, who voted for everyone?!

Damn straight I would have, and will, vote for Rob. :frown;

Regulars?? We are all fucking regulars here. :disgust;


2 votes? Oh, fuck you guys. :neutral_face: :frowning:

I’m just not letting you stoop to that level.

jk jk.

I’m not voting on account that I don’t listen to the podcast anyway, but much luck to whoever is selected! May this podcast dominate the interwebs one day! chuckle

Why do I have nine votes…?

Do nine people even post here?

[quote=“Kumiko”]Why do I have nine votes…?

Do nine people even post here?[/quote]
… There’s 13 separate people in this very thread. <_<

[quote=“Kumiko”]Why do I have nine votes…?

Do nine people even post here?[/quote]

What’s that supposed to mean? :disgust;

What defines an active user? Less than 1/4 of registered members are one.

Why isn’t Chad on the poll?