Video Game Industry: The Movie

I burst out laughing at Reggie’s actor. :lol :lol :lol sbf will know why. XD XD

Edit- ROFLMAO at N’gai’s! :lol :lol

One of the best things I read this month. So awesome, so fucking cool.

I see…

ROFLMAO @ Reggie. That was one of the best weekend GAF threads ever :lol:lol

Same with NGai Although he looks different with his glasses off and he’s doing the Black Man Can’t Smile in a picture

But all of them are matched up so well

LMAO! You little scamp. I should report your arse for mod abuse.

I’m still waiting for Snakes on a Boat in Space 3 :confused:

Hehe, go ahead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jackie Chan as Shigeru Miyamoto is fucking brilliant.

Elijah Wood is too cool to play Dave Jaffe.

Srsly. They should get some loser to play him instead, that way we’d actually know who he is supposed to be.