Video Game Galaxy Reborn -- Prologue

[color=RoyalBlue]Hello and welcome ladies and gents to my reinvisioned, reinvented, and reborn Video Game Galaxy fan fiction. I started the original VGG way back when and decided it was time for a new direction. Please forgive the shortness of the prologue as I intended it to have that “preview” kind of feel (as most prologues do). I am really looking forward to pumping this first fiction of the trilogy (that’s right folks) out within half a year, and I hope all of you enjoy the story I’ve worked so hard to formulate (it’s all planned out–just enjoy the journey!). While just for fun, this is an actual attempt at writing, so if any of you have any constructive criticism I would be more than happy to listen to them–through PMs! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the read! Cheers!

Prologue: Birth of the Low Council

Heroes fall too rarely; so when they do, one has to make it count… It was one of those stormy nights—the perfect night for the beginning of a legend. The sky was a black blanket of water stuffed clouds and they dropped a sheet of rain so thick it threatened to crush the earth beneath it. The wind was fierce; it knocked the falling water every which way and toppled trees in its blind fury. It would have been called the greatest storm in history, had the scribes been given the chance to write it as such, but fate would have it that something much grander and much crueler would happen that night…

Mud splattered as metal hooves trampled across the field. The bottom of the horse was covered in dirt and water that blended easily in the darkness of the night and its black fur. Atop it’s muscular build was a man—hood concealing the face beneath and dark robe billowing behind as his steed galloped toward the great gates of the town ahead. All was black save for his left hand. Glove slashed at the top and revealing one glowing triangle balanced above two unlit—the triforce of power. The wind was too much to keep the man hidden and the hood blew off—red hair and evil grin emerged from the black as his horse stampeded across the crumbled bridge of the town, where no doubt the forces of darkness made their first attack. The man’s—Ganondorf’s—grin widened as he traveled through the town toward the temple. Everywhere townspeople lay unconscious or dead as the darkness crawled amongst them, unblinking, unforgiving, swarming those who dared to put up a fight.

The path to the temple was made up of cobblestones and the sound changed as horse leaped from brick to the new path, it’s master shouting for it to go faster until finally the reins pulled back and the mad gallop stopped.

“Finally…” Ganondorf whispered. He dismounted, heading for the temple steps.

The smooth gold laced oak of the handles were cold beneath his fingers as he pried the great doors open. A draft of air gusted out in force and the mighty steed whinnied and shuddered and stomped it’s feet. Ganondorf marched onward, over the red carpet in between white marble floors and walls to the black pedestal a hundred yards away, with the door of time secured safely behind it—but not for long. From his cloak he pulled out the three stones—an emerald, a ruby, and a sapphire—all gleaming beautifully in the white light. One by one and with a stern look he placed each stone in its place. Then there was the sound of that great door unsealing itself from years of closure, then the echo of stone on stone as the marble crawled up into the ceiling and the triforce insignia above it glowed a fiery golden yellow. Beyond was the pedestal of the Master Sword—but that was not what Ganondorf was interested. It was the triforce that was now open and vulnerable to him, it was the triad of light that would grant him the ultimate darkness.

“Power!” Ganondorf cried as the triangle on his left hand burned. “Ultimate power is what I wish! The power to enslave worlds—the power to conquer—to kill—to destroy—to end all and give all back! I wish for destiny to bow at my feet! For Gods to tremble in my wake! For nothing to stand between me and my desires! This is my wish!”

The triangles suddenly glowed brighter, more fierce than anything Ganondorf had seen before. Even hundreds of years ago, when he first came to the Temple of Time to get his wish granted, there had never been a light so fierce. It seemed to scream at him as the entire temple was engulfed in gold and Ganondorf had to shield his eyes with his arms to keep from losing his eyes. The world started to shake and there was the sound of a billion threads snapping and paper tearing and wind howling as the earth trembled. The pain of the sound and of the light was too much and he fell to his knees—and then as quickly as it came, it all vanished. The light receded back into those triangles and the world stopped it’s quake and the sound stopped…

When his eyes readjusted to the relative darkness, all was quiet and there was a flat, oval shaped mass of darkness before him. It rippled and pulsed with black and purple waves until finally in it’s surface he saw the heavens as they appeared at night—darkness, with white specks splattered across it…
Though he did not know it at the time, four other people were staring into that same darkness right that very moment. Their worlds too had trembled and they heard the sound of dimensions splitting and threading together and saw the light of the universe bleed through the cracks.

One of the onlookers was a creature born of the darkness who fancied itself a God. Confined to its armored ball in physical form, it poked it’s fish-like head out and stared intensely into the darkness. He had never seen such beauty since right before he was murdered by that Goddess and her moonchild friend. The Prince of darkness hissed as it looked upon empty space.

The second observer had just been revived as well, from the lifestream and from being one with Jenova. His eyes, thin slits in his pale white face, opened to the darkness of space. His body was groggy but he could feel mother returning his strength, soothing him and comforting his wounds. It must have been her, who brought him back, and together, they waited for the darkness to reveal it’s purpose.

The third onlooker sat on her throne, the black and purple mass before her, pulsing with a power unknown to her world. She stared into it sternly, with a general and a bodyguard she thought long dead standing at her two sides, looking just as intently at the darkness and growling for revenge against the humans who destroyed them. There queen promised them vengeance as the empty space pulsed in front of them.

The final person who was granted access to this wondrous power was a creature very recently defeated by his rival and once again refused the chance at having the princess and her kingdom at his will. A shambled wreck of a thing, with only his witch to comfort him, he looked upon the darkness with sorrow and rage in his heart, no longer feeling a thing for his world…

All five of these beings, loyal to the darkness, looked upon space with clenched teeth and shaking fists. Time and time again they had been defeated, robbed of power that should rightfully be theirs, and ridiculed by everyone in their worlds, all because of some up and coming hero with nothing better to do than get in their way. They all had one thing on their mind: ultimate revenge.

It was then that something started to form in space—rock came from nowhere and formed into a great mass, large and solid, floating in the sky. Next there was a great infusion of darkness from unseen forces, and suddenly there was a great fortress, dark and sharp and penetrating on top of the rock, and around it was a gated town much like Hyrule Castle’s. To all of them: it was beautiful.

The dark mass showing them this entire image suddenly rippled, beckoning them forward, and one by one, un-hesitantly, they all went through. When they saw each other there, portals fizzling away behind them, they needed no introductions. Around a round table at the center of the dark room, stained glass windows far above them and eloquent sculptures at the edges, there were five seats. Each one of them took their seat, and there was a near silent sigh of comprehension as they looked at one another’s faces.

“Firstly…” The one born of the lifestream said quietly.

“Recruitment.” The Queen said.

Grins slipped on to all their faces and lightning flashed outside.