I don’t get why they make movies out of fighting games. The games themselves have like no story to speak of.

Exact same reason they make movie games its because they are hoping the franchise is so big you’ll overlook how bad it is. They are trying to sell you the big name of the franchise rather than a movie. Although one thing that goes horribly wrong in translation is that the actors don’t really look like the characters.

I do have to say sometimes they get it right though. The Liar game live action is pretty good I was quite impressed when my friend showed me.

King of Fighters is an awesome fighter; a shame that it won’t make a good movie.

If Maggie Q’s breasts don’t giggle in every scene she’s in, I’ll be disappointed. :disgust;

Fighting games are perfectly made for movies for that very reason. It’s entry-level in terms of cinematography. They don’t have to fuck anything up to fit the characters into the story, per se.


King of Fighters, going cinema?

I don’t know what you’re talking about! ): )

Nice joke Spooie.

Now make it go away.


Needs half-nekkid asian women with giant fans.

I think that’s why the First Mortal Kombat movie did so well. It had the same “story” and the actors really did look like the fighters.

Yeah I liked the movie I thought they did a good job with that one if only the other videogame movies could reach that. Doesn’t hurt that the theme song was well done either. I feel most video game movies would be way better off being animated. I can already see that this movie won’t be as good as King of Fighters Another Day.

The first Mortal Kombat did well because it didn’t assume it’s audience were 6 year olds, like all the previous game-based movies had.