Ultimate Baywatch Rundown...

My Season 1 of Baywatch arrived from Amazon.com today. :Q

Therefore, I must do an ultimate Baywatch tally of events rundown. It’s the import version they’re currently selling and not the lame US releases that have the screwed up seasons and missing episodes. It has the REAL season 1 of the show from NBC, before it was canned, and everyone but the Hoffster left, and they added extra boobies.

The set comes in a cardboard slip case with a bright yellow (?) plastic holder for 6 discs inside. Each disc has Hasselhoff and Erika Elaniak on them, with only the disc number to differentiate them. The fist disc, when popped in, has the same picture from the discs on the menu screens. And unfortunately, the original themes of show seem to have been replaced with lamer music.

Guess it’s time to boot up the Pilot Movie: BAYWATCH: Panic at Malibu Pier. :Q

Because somebody has to, dammit.

Instead of the awesome theme song of all later seasons…


…we got THIS instead for season 1.


So far I’ve gotten through…

Season 1 1989 (NBC)

  1. X Panic at Malibu Pier (1)
  2. X Panic at Malibu Pier (2)

Introductory episode with Mitch (The Hoffster), Craig (the semi-lawyer/semi-lifeguard best friend), Captain Thrope (the wise and stern old veteran and overseer of Baywatch), Jill (experienced Baywatch lifeguard), Eddie (brooding loner lifeguard prospect with a heart of gold), Shauni (inexperienced rookie lifeguard), Al (the veteran lifeguard trying to skip retirement), Hobie (Mitch’s son), Trevor (arrogant Australian lifeguard at the beach resort next door), and Gina (Craig’s wife).

Mitch gets promoted to lieutenant by Captain Thorpe, and his first assignment is to tell Al that he needs to retire. Craig saves a girl who accidentally falls off the pier and later turns out to be a complete psycho that tries to kill his wife, Gina. Shauni tries to hit on Eddie and eventually has a mental breakdown after one of the victims she could have helped almost dies. Jill helps her get through with it while fending off advances from egomaniac Trevor. Meanwhile, Hobie tries his luck with a girl he likes, only to have BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN* swoop down and take advantage of the situation. In the end, psycho stalker chick is stopped, but an explosion at sea takes the life of a few passengers, including Al, who sacrifices his to save Hobie and some passengers. Ends with a memorial on the beach.


  1. X  In Deep

After feeling betrayed and ignored by his father, Hobie sneaks off to hand with some teenagers who are up to no good. One of them accidentally kills a surfer with a jetski, and Hobie eventually realizes one of them is the culprit. Meanwhile, Craig finds a troubled, homeless Eddie sleeping at his watchtower, and offers him a place to stay with him and his wife.

  1. X Heat Wave

One of Mitch’s friends “kidnaps” his son and goes to the beach, where his son sneaks off with another kid and is trapped with no way to escape. Meanwhile, a heat wave causes problems at the beach and Baywatch HQ. Elsewhere, Craig has to decide whether he wants to continue being a lifeguard or work for his law firm.

  1. X Second Wave

An old “friend” of Eddie makes his way to California, where he stumbles into Eddie and tries to cause havoc with his life and career, looking for revenge from something that happened in their past. Eddie and Shanu narrowly escape after he, and 2 of his friends*, trap them in a tower and burn it to the ground. Meanwhile, Trevor grows a conscience.


  1. X Message in a Bottle

After Hobie catches his parents bickering about their separation and divorce, including where he will end up, he runs off with some other kids on a boat and makes his way to an island, where they discover a dead body and stolen jewels and must escape from 2 criminals. Meanwhile, a bickering Eddie and Shauni are ordered to pull a 24-hour shift on the beach together and work out their problems.

  1. X The Sky is Falling

A husband and wife, who stole money from a colleague, crash their plane into the water and set out to find it the next day. Capt. Thorpe decides to sit in with Eddie and Shauni to teach them the ways of the experienced lifeguard, much to their ire. Meanwhile, Mitch and his wife try to decide what to do about Hobie, and, in the process, start banging each other again, and their son has to deal with the consequences.

[Okay… outside of the Mitch storyline, and he actually tries to act dramatic in some scenes too… he actually starts to cry… it’s almost scary… this is the LEAST serious episode so far. The rest of the episode kind of plays up a comedy aspect. Both with the husband and wife searching for the money, and Eddie and Shauni dealing with Capt. Thorpe.]