Ubisoft shifts more focus to PS3/360. Blames Wii/DS for lower revenues


First Sega, then Capcom, now Ubisoft jumps on the Wii hating party, only they include DS along for the ride.

But I’m gonna take a different take on this story than most outlets. For starters I feel Ubisoft is probably using Wii/DS as a scapegoat so they can lay-off more employees. They are basically gonna dump all the C and D rated talent who were the majority of people making the Wii and DS games and shift to a leaner company.

Which overall is probably better for the company. I expect EA will follow suit towards the end of the year.

Sucks for the C and D rated developers out there who are about to get canned though. They aren’t talented enough to work on HD consoles,… they’ll probably move on to mobile phone development.

Your thoughts are probably correct.

Its their own fault they created this market that doesn’t trust them by putting out bad games, ports, and spinoffs.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

I wanted a new Resident Evil in the same style as Resident Evil 4, I wanted a new Soul Calibur, Castlevania ECT. Instead we got spinoffs because they treat Wii owners like they are retarded so they reap what they sow.

They didn’t make a market on Wii so its not there for their titles. Resident Evil 4 which was a port mind you did well so there was little excuse. Even Red Steel wasn’t a good game but it sold which shows that there was a market for third party titles and the third parties fumbled.

Most efforts were a joke and so are the sales. They went for quick cash in’s and paid for it. Look at something like Crystal Bearers Vs XIII and you can’t tell me you expect Crystal Bearers to do nearly as good its a Final Fantasy Spin off series and people can tell especially when you are throwing out more marketing for XIII. This is like Saying Mario is Missing should have been amazing because it had Mario which is way more iconic than anything a third party could have.

The best place to get third party titles is the 360 only exclusives on Wii are worth anything. This is what third parties have molded into our minds and its exactly what they got. Again having a spin off even if it is exclusive is just as bad in fact sometimes worse because I’d actually give a shit for Final Fantasy XIII, Super Street Fighter VI, ect on wii. Its funny that they blame the DS also when its clear that titles do sell on DS what the excuse there?

Ubisoft has 2 franchises I give a shit for on Wii and they are No More Heroes which is going to show up on Wii 2 or possibly not get another sequel and Red Steel which we’ll see about Red Steel 2.

Its because they, like Sega, released hardcore games on the Wii. Which is stupid.

EA has it right, with EA Active or whatever. Tiger Woods 09’ too.

[quote=“JPjuice23”]Its because they, like Sega, released hardcore games on the Wii. Which is stupid.

? If they did it right the install base is huge the market was there third parties fumbled I can point back to Resident Evil 4 Wii which was a port of an old game that did well. Red Steel was another third party game that did well again they had opportunity they just didn’t use it properly. Think about the stuff on Wii from Ubisoft that’s worth a damn there’s 2 No More Heroes its Suda51’s best selling game and Red Steel but the first game was just bad.

Yeah I agree with you. But once 2009 rolled around, it was clear what the Wii audience was, and it wasn’t hardcore gamers.

I among others like Andrex would still buy titles if they weren’t spin off junk. Also as much as you don’t think its still there it is we just end up buying Nintendo titles because most third parties aren’t putting in good efforts. When the do like Monster Hunter tri they get sales.

I would too, I still own a Wii.

We aren’t majorities though.

Besides Red Steel what the heck has Ubi ever done for the Wii?

Publish No More Heroes and even that game had problems one of them was being short and it had little marketing sadly I ended up buying it used because I didn’t know about its awesomeness till later. Beyond those two franchises Ubisoft has been crap. The boss fights in that game were good the problem is everything in between. They are still falling into the trap of poor marketing I’m seeing Mass Effect 2 way more than I’m seeing No More Heroes Desperate Struggle. These two franchises are getting sequels and they are the only two games Wii owners care for from Ubisoft until it announces something better.