Turns out Nintendo's Digital Distribution plan is the most screwed up of them all.


Doesn’t just apply to the Aussies appears this applies to ALL DSi’s and Wii’s.

In fact the ONLY way to get your games on to a new system appears to be if it BREAKS and then the Nintendo repair team will transfer them to a new system.

This seems VERY counter to the whole Nintendo legacy of upgrading your hardware when a new color or better version comes out.

This is by far the most retarded DD plan I have ever seen.

This goes way beyond that having to be connected to the internet to access your XBLA games I ranted about a few years ago (Which was fixed by the way).

Way beyond the 2 installs for Spore…

No other console or handheld platform is this bad with your digital content!!

PSP/PS3 you can have your digital games on 5 systems at a time. That’s not a total which some people confuse… that’s a max of 5 and just like iTunes you can authorize and deauthorize machines.

360 as many consoles as you want if you have internet access. 1 machine if you want to play those games offline and 1 transfer per year to a new machine.

Where have you been? This has been the norm with the Wii since November 19, 2006. Non-transferable except when it breaks. Get with the times, jeez.

To be honest I see this changing when Nintendo launches their next console. They already have everything set up so you can link your My Nintendo/Club Nintendo account to your VC and WiiWare purchases, I’m sure they anticipate the backlash at hundreds of VC games possibly not transferring over.

Just like no rumble in the nunchuck this is something that was quietly swept under the rug :frown;

Only if you were a moutbreathing blind-a-tron. >_>

Yeah seriously its been like this since forever. Either way not like I’m really concerned digital distribution sucks anyways.

Only a jackass thinks it’s smart to have one hand vibrate and the other not.

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Like you’re Mr. Expert. >_>

This is a joke, right?

I’m afraid it isn’t.

I’m not excited about digital distribution especially the way everyone handles it. Steam is only sort of worth it when they do sales. I live with it because I have to not because I want to. Either way at the current rate only the good sales on steam makes me even care otherwise its paying more for getting less.