That is all.

I went in with rock-bottom expectations, and was satisfied on that level.

The fight scene in the forest was kinda cool.

The jokes (except for one funny one that I laughed at) are unbelievably insipid, the characters flat, there is no plot beyond the thinnest excuse to go from one action scene to the next, and as a result, I didn’t care about anything that happened in it at all.

Aircraft carrier with a a flight deck full of $250 million airplanes shredded at sea? Yawn. Giant alien robots battling each other to the death? Should be awesome, but in the absence of any plot, character, motivation development, it’s just sitting in a darkened room for two hours listening to loud explosions and incredibly dumb jokes.

You were expecting it to be good? :V

Yeah it was pretty terrible. And I expected it to be good. Why the hell would I pay half of the cost to own the damn thing if I didn’t think it was going to be good?

I give up on movies, I think. Except for 9. 9 looks good.

The “jokes” were definitely the worst part.

Its one of the worst movies this year.

Sitting through 150 minutes of that seems like torture.

I took frequent bathroom breaks. The host of AOTS walked out and they were at the frekin premiere. Transformers is real torture.

Imo Megan Fox is over hyped. She has a nice face, and a nice body, but I’ve seen better and there naked.

I think her face is creepy…

The jokes I can deal with. It was just too long and the overkill on the explosions.

Yeah the explosions and constant loud noises killed me. Felt so dumb afterwords.

I go to Michael Bay movies expecting there to be a coherent plot and characters worth giving a shit about.

Eh, first one was better.

That said, I thought it kicked ass. 0_o


Oh, and I still wanna see this.

Well shit is it too much to ask for?

The thing was in the first one people wanted to see more action than it had. In this one they just plain over did it. The constant barrage of explosions over and over. Both me and my wife walked out of the theater with headaches.

I haven’t seen a movie in theaters in over a year, don’t plan on breaking my record with a suckfest like this.

Of course not, but it’s pointless to expect it because you know what you’re going to get with Michael Bay. There are two things you can expect when you see any movie he directs:

  1. Explosions

  2. More Explosions

I went to Transformers 2 for no other reason than to watch two hours of giant robots blowing shit up, and that’s exactly what I got. Was the plot incoherent? Yes. Was there lots of stupid humor? Absolutely. But I knew what I was getting into, and you and everyone else should have as well.