Today at work, I scared a grown man.


“Today was a bit an odd day…You see, some ‘higher ups’ were at my store to check somethings over. After my break, I decided to trade in some games that I no longer played. After seeing the amount I was going to get, I decided to keep one game because the part of me still wanted to play it outweighed the part wanting to get rid of it.”


“After the trade-in was complete, I went to put my game back in my bag along with my wallet. One of the men was back there and saw me slip the game into my back. He began asking me questions about it…Like if I had purchased anything…When I said that I had gotten credit instead, he gave me a suspicious look as he mentioned seeing me put something away.”


“Was he…Was he accusing me of stealing something?”



“Quickly, I explained that I had just changed my mind about that particular game and was only putting it away until I got off. How dare someone think I would do such a thing? Especially at the risk of my job? With this economy?”



“Hmmm well before I left for the day, I showed my stuff to the other employees with our daily check before we leave. The higher up was still there so before I left…I pulled out my receipt that I still had in my game’s case showing when I bought it, saying that I hoped it made him feel better knowing when I got it.”


“When they left, I was told by another employee that he was afraid of me and I can’t figure out why.”

Was this real?

who would be afraid of little ol’ you . . .


well, most of us are over 5 feet tall and wouldnt notice her scurrying about . . . >,>

Your dedication to Phoenix Wright GIFs alone is frightening… 0_o


That’s why she’s so deadly!


  1. Even in this economy, you’d apparently be surprised about what regard people have for their jobs. When you get hired at my company, all you have to do is show up in uniform and pretend to pay attention in a five hour class (that you get paid for no less), and maybe more depending on your actual job. Some people can’t even be bothered to do that, and it costs hundreds of dollars for the company to press the hire button for them.

  2. You scared them because upper management in general is not accustomed to people speaking up or back to them. (Not counting any fits of anger.) It’s like they don’t quite know what to do about it.


That is what I want to know. >_>

Seriously, have you seen me? There’s not much here, yet I guess this little dog has a sharp bite.

Something wrong with that…?

Damn straight! I’m a ninja like that!


S&M: You’re probably right though I was trying to be more comical with my approach in sharing my story which is why I did not go into that.

He was probably confused as to why you were there until he saw Cooking Mama on a nearby shelf.

Must of been looking real ugly, try putting on more makeup.

…No? >_>

Funny, I use those same GIFs . . .

From what I’ve heard of you, Kumiko, you don’t sound like a scary person. Maybe he’s old and grumpy.