This week Sony officially starts selling cocaine on PSN

Peggle digital crack finally comes to PSN D=

Along with Peggle Nights as DLC and the online mulitplayer modes for the 360 version!

As most people know Peggle is addicting as hell b/c it’s wonderfully paced,has creative levels, and a secret physics system that has NO EQUAL.

Great. PS3 is like the dog eating the crumbs on the floor when it comes to DLC.

Xbox is having a PB&J

In other DLC news WiiWare finally got demos today… kinda wanna try the World of Goo and Pokemon Rumble ones…

Thats just pitiful it took them that long to add demos…


[quote=“sbf717”]Thats just pitiful it took them that long to add demos…

Couldn’t really do it when there was the fridge problem…

Bullshit. They have no excuse about priacy b/c its a FREE demo. Theres nothing of value to steal…if anything if people were trading them on bitorrent it would cause less bandwidth charges for Nintendo.

They also made no effort to have a major disc demo system in place… Sony had 3 for crying out loud with PS2. Through OPM, through the $7 demo disc sold at retail and towards the end just sending the demo disc Free to Playstation Underground members.

This thread isn’t about Lumines…

WTF are you talking about I was talking about there’d be no room for the demos back then.

I thought the whole fridge thing was started b/c they were concered about privacy so they wouldnt let people launch games from the SD Card.

Either way still a gross oversight by Nintendo >_>

also until Q entertainment fixes the iPhone version of Lumines they can lick cat balls. :neutral_face:

It was an oversight, which is fixed now, and thus, demos.

rolls eyes



IT supports remote play through PSP so you can play it anywhere with your PSP through wifi

Price is $10 for the main game and $5 for Nights DLC

There will also be a demo so everyone can get their first hit free :Q

Pay for Peggle?

I’d rather eat a handful of tacks.

Peggle is one of the greatest games ever. I love it very much.